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Post Nasal drip, acid relfux, anxiety?
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Post Nasal drip, acid relfux, anxiety?

I have had this problem for about a year now. I have this problem with gagging, what seems to be caused by post nasal drip. When i wake up i tend to have a dry mucus build up in the post nasal area of my throat. The thing is when i gagg, trying to free the mucus from my throat, nothing seems to loosen up, which makes me have this feeling of vomiting. These symptoms are 10 fold when i am in any social situation, or have to tend to any type of stressfull situation. I always bring water with me, just for the fact that if i dont sip on anything while im out, i start to panic (and when i mean panic, i have had panic attacks due to this, mostly anxiety attacks now) This situation makes me wonder if i have some kind of disorder affiliated with anxiety or anxiety is just being manifested because of the mucus. My anxiety only seems to go away if i vomit, and i usually do end up vomiting due to the gagging. Usually during the evining hours the mucus tends to flow constantly from the post nasal area.
When i take deep relaxing breaths i can feel stomach muscles below my rib cage tense up and release, but i am not sure if it is my stomach muscles or posibly acid relfux. It feels as if something at the bottom of my esophegous is contracting and releasing, or rising and falling, every time i take deep breaths. Only when i take deep breaths does it seem that my stomach relaxes fully, but goes back to tense almost imidiatly. When the gagging and gastro problem combind together it makes me not want to live.I am 20 years old and have given up smoking about a month ago.Underweight due to prob
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continued, I also feel as if i have a tight chest, due to the "acid reflux" or "post nasal drip or "anxiety" , all of the symptoms i have described are constant from the time i wake up to the time i go to bed, and 10 times worse when i have to deal with anything else. Never had any problems socialy untill these problems started.  
Any solutions would due a great for me, thanks.
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Hi Yarray,

I have a very similar problem, at least I think based on what you've said.  How did your problems start, just all of a sudden or did they come on gradually?

I have been feeling terrible for about 3 years. Right now, I also have a very gaggy feeling in my throat.  I'm not sure if its post-nasal drip (I am guessing so), but it it there daily and seems to vary in severity throughout the day.  When I get it, I tend to have mucous production (usually clear unless I have a cold) in my throat and esophagus.  I end up coughing to try and relieve it, sometimes it helps, sometimes not.  But I do know that mucous is forming, whatever it is, and often first thing in the morning I cough mucous as well.  I also get a lot of burning and tightness in my chest with this, and lots of nausea at times (comes and goes in severity).  This whole thing seems to be digestive related, not so much in my respiratory system.

Like you, this is much worse when I am stressed.  With it are other sympoms as well, such as it feels like a "knot" forms in my abdomen with it often.  Also, I get what feels like burning at the back of my neck at times, headaches, and a general "woozy" or "queasy" feeling.  Of course, this also will be at its worst when I am stressed or undertake physical activity.  And it doesn't take much stress.

I also have dry mouth and dry lips.  I initially thought that a lot of my symptoms could be attributed to acid reflux, but the meds did not work and so I underwent the fundoplication surgery, but it didn't solve it.  All it did was cause me to lose more weight and now I am struggling with being underweight as well.

I think I know how you feel, although I don't know the severity of your problems.  I am unable (for the past year and a half) to work a normal day because of it.  I don't work full  8 hour days, and the times when I do work, I feel sick usually.

Another odd thing is that when I go to sleep, I will generally wake up feeling bad, even if it wasn't that bad on going to sleep.

No diagnosis has been made, and I am unsure of what it could be - possibly allergy related at least somewhat, some stress/anxiety likely, but really I don't know for sure.  Of course stress will always make  a condition or problem worse.

Let me know more about your situation. I will try and offer any help where I can, but like I say it's a struggle for me as well right now.
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Thanks ploggin for the reply
"Another odd thing is that when I go to sleep, I will generally wake up feeling bad, even if it wasn't that bad on going to sleep."

I also feel the same way, i usually wake up and start gagging, and if i don't i tend to regret it. Even if i have something to eat, or a hot steamy shower, nothing seems to just make the mucus disapear. The weird thing for me is when i am in social situations, it is the worst. Lets say a friend came over the house, i will automatically go into a state of unwanted anxiety.Now im not talking about mental worring, im talking about physical tension around the mucus. I have a feeling of gagging in my throat that is more sever than when i am alone. Which makes me wonder if i have a sever mucus problem or if i go into a anxiety driven state of mind which makes it seem worse than it realy is. I just cannot put my finger on it. I have just came to the conclusion that it is both. (the point im trying to make here is the mucus and gagging is always worse when under stress)

"I think I know how you feel, although I don't know the severity of your problems. I am unable (for the past year and a half) to work a normal day because of it. I don't work full 8 hour days, and the times when I do work, I feel sick usually."

I do not work, i refuse to work due to this condition. I had a week of panicattacks due to the overwhelming feeling of gagging on this mucus. I will never go threw that again in my life, because frankly ppl just don't give a ****. I am not going to go to work and have these bastards tell me i am not allowed a Fing drink while i slave drive for them. (just venting =]) But anyways  
alot of ppl tend to point the "lazzy" finger at me, i just tend to give them the "middle" finger back, because as i stated earlier nobody cares if u are sick.

I also stated that i quit smoking cigaretes, and i have but i have seen no improvment what so ever. i have had a few smokes here and there for social needs but other than that none. I dont think smoking is related but it might possibly be a huge factor, the thing is i just don't know.
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Yarray, as I mentioned, if I don't have the "gaggy" feeling in my throat, it is always on the brink as well.  When I get stressed and it doesn't have to be much stress, it will get way worse and I even start dry-heaving.

Also, do you lips and mouth feel really dry with this?  Mine almost even feel numb at times and even the area around my mouth - it feels like I hit my head on something is a way to describe the weird feeling.  If I put my tongue on the roof of my mouth it will literally "stick" to it, it is so dry.  

With all of this, I've started grinding my teeth a lot as well.  People tell you not to stress, but its pretty hard to just "stop" when you feel terrible every day.

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Do you have a hard time brushing your teeth, because personaly i dont ever go near that.
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Sry bout not following up on the post.. but anyways

Do you have a feeling of tension near your gag reflex meaning does it always seem like you have to gag to releve this tension?? I just don't knw if i have a problem with phlem near my gag relex or if it is just manifested because of stress(stress like you said dosn't have to be stressfull at all , just the ack of sitting in a car near my friends i just feel the urge to gag and get what ever it is outa my nasal area)

I want to try and help both of us here but i just dont have any answers

I said i quit smoking but i bought a pack of smokes the other day it seems to me when i don't have a smoke for that day all i think about is having a smoke and having the feeling of gagging due to the smoke in my gag relfex. It rly is driving me insane. I fear having panic attacks due to this again. I just need to kick the habbit for good and forget about smoking but it is so hard to do because when evr i am out, everyone around me smokes, i hate it but nicotine helps me calm my nerves, i just need an alternative to smoking because i think this is the root of evil for me.
I just dont understand how i can make myself feel as if i gag but  in reality there might be nothing their. That kinda scares me, but i just don't understand it.
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I don't really have any problems brushing my teeth.  Its a gaggy feeling, but I also have mucous production - I cough it up each morning.  One morning I even coughed up some blood, but it only happened once.  Lots of burning in my sinuses and chest, as well as stomach - which nobody has been able to explain.

I find that drinking lots and lots of water can sometimes help, have you tried this?  It tends to settle down the nausea or burning a bit.
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hey guys,

i have the same problem as well.. same with yarray i suffered from anxiety attacks 3 times in 2 years... anyway this january i started getting post nasal drip and until now i still get it... same symptoms.. coughing things in the morning, all through out the day i get the sensation of something lodge up the ceiling of my mouth. I even woke up last night gaggling for air because of the mucus down my throat... i had an MRI last year though and they found a polyp, i donno if that's what's causing it. However i also notice that the more i think of it, the more it the dripping gets worst.. so this come back to yarray's question whether it's anxiety related.. my answer is at some point yes. I have tried using flonase steroid sprays and it helps but i don't wanna go through my life using this stuff... i also tried jalai neti or sinus draining using warm water and salt,, it helps me in the morning and night when i need to get the mucus out... but i wanna know how i can stop this.. antihistamines doesnt; work for me.. try the nasal wash thing and see if it helps...

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I am sure the mucus buildup is from stress.  Mine started about 2 years ago during a stressful event and continues on and off, but lately on all the time.  I just bought myself a neti pot and use it mornings and nites.  It seems to be helping a lot with the mucus, allowing it to thin and release easier.  Before that it used to feel like a lump in my throat that wouldnt clear.  So we shall see if this is the cure or not.  I also went to the health store and he gave me a bottle of Mullein flower ear oil.  It has mulien flower extract and extra virgin olive oil in it.  Even though it says ear oil, he suggested I put a couple of drops in my green tea and drink it.  He uses it for his asthma and says it works very well. So maybe you want to try that?  Hopefully someday, we all will be free of this problem>?  Good luck to all of you......

I will let you know how the neti pot is doing long term.

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Hello, I can't believe I found this forum. I know just like you we all can write a book about the symptoms. Anyway, mines started over 3 years ago. Eventhough I exercised and have plenty of energy from one day to another my energy level dropped severe. I woke up in the morning and wanted to go back to sleep. I was not tired physically but mentally. I've noticed that the back of my throat is completely red. Was treated for raspiratory, cold, sinus etc. Symptoms continued. I was put on antidepressant, increased dose, now I'm taking ritalin to be energized which does not help. Seen gastro doc last year too who told me about the acid reflux. So he gave me the new med for the reflux, forgot the name, started to see ent doctor, had sinus surgery, now I'm waking up in the morning, full with anxiety, feels like a know in my throat and like my throat is completely dried out. I also noticed that when I exercise, I do aerobic which is very extreme, my throat dries out so bad that I have to stop and get something to drink. I've never experienced this before. I paid attention to my breathing which is through my nose since the sinuses should be cleared after the surgery and the throat is completely dried out. I'm feeling so sleepy in the morning and I should be energized. I also did sleep study. So you see we all trying to find out what is wrong with us and I'm clueless. I just want my energy back. I'm so glad I've found this site to hopefully get some answers. I know how all you feel. Thanks for sharing,
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I have a similar problem with mucus buildup in the back of my throat. It happens mostly when I am lying down. I often wake up in the morning gagging as I try to free the mucus in my throat, but it does not loosen up. It has been causing me to be very nauseous. I have visited an ENT doctor who says I do not have signs of post nasal drip. I have also had multiple gastro tests i.e. endoscopy, ph probe, gastric emptying tests. All of which have come back normal. Anyone having similar problem or have any suggestions as to how I should treat my symptoms.
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I have exactly the same issues as you guys ... anxiety and mucus running down the back of my throat ... I have to carry a bottle of water around as a security, because if I do not constantly sip, I will gag. then eventually throw up ... When I have taken Valium (mild dose, 1mg) to stop the anxiety, and the gagging issue goes away, I still feel the post nasal drip oozing down my throat, but I don't seem to gag ... the gagging seems to be triggered by a combination of anxiety and post nasal drip??
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I have the exact same thing..The mucos thing in my throat.. It has affected me for several years but in the last two years it is much worse because I think about it all the time.. Evertime I swallow I can just feel the ball of mucos in my throat.. I now have a back tooth which needs a root canal and I cannot even go to the dentist because I gag constantly and will drive him nuts trying to fix my tooth.. I sure wish someone had some answers to this problem..I have tried everything too such as flonase, clariten, salt solutuon irrigation of the nose, sinus drops, antihistimines, etc. and nothing seems to work..I need to go to the dentist soon and wondering if anyone has any ideas for me to stop the gagging.. The dentist suggested giving me gas but I am not sold on the idea.. Maybe I should ask to be put to sleep.. Any comments would be appreciated.
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I'm 23 years old... it started with headaches and a post nasal drip which i had for a few weeks, i had tremendous anxiety from, to the point where i took an MRI thank G-D it came back normal... any ways since then i have a post nasal drip (to be clear a glob of mucous stuck in the back of my throat), acid reflux (it was actually more like sitting acid the reflux).
gagging, nausea, as to everybody on this board the post nasal drip responds to anxiety. the post nasal drip also gets worse in the morning..  i went to the ENT and took sinus Ex-rays which determined that it was not sinusitis.. i take nexiom (40mg) which keeps the acid under control.. reading all the posts here and the only thing i thing i can think of is the anxiety which is a vicious cycle... on the occasion where its subdues, its when I'm completely submerged in physical activity, exercise didn't do it for me, it was actually a project that involved wood working (using your brain and hands) etc. other wise its a daily struggle which is hampering my work, dating etc.  
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Same stuff here.

I'm 33, it started being a regular problem about five years ago.  Had a monster sinus infection that just never did quite go away.  I think I managed to ignore it longer than I should have, as I've had chronic respiratory issues since birth (Takes a little more impairment for me to really notice, sometimes).

Over the past couple of years it's advanced to the point of gagging and vomiting, and I can go for longer periods of time with almost constant nausea and fear that the next hack will have me a'hurling.

Socially, this is hideous.  I don't go out.  I just moved to a new city for a job, so I see my girlfriend about once a month (And last time I had to cancel our hotel reservations, because... of COURSE.  Barf, hack, barf.).  Hobbies: I'm a singer/songwriter.  OBviously that doesn't work well.  I can get through a song or two, but a set?  An entire night?  Nope, had to hang up the guitar.  Work: I'm a respiratory therapist.  Cue the irony laughter.  I've missed one day of work this week, and an average of one a month... I frequently have to break out the major willpower to keep it under control when I'm with a patient.  I've had to excuse myself and step out a couple of times.

Now, the Big Kicker:  The stress/anxiety tie-in.  It -started- during a stressful period of my life.  Not 'work sucks' or 'school is hard' anxiety, but 'Addict ex was threatening to stab me in my sleep psychological torture' anxiety.

The 'symptoms' get exponentially work with 'stress'.  Good stress or bad stress doesn't matter.  Big date with girlfriend?  Barf.  Audition with a new band?  Barf.  Licensing exam?  Barf.  Family coming to see me for the first time in two months?  Barf.  Particularly picky patients?  Will-Away-Barf.

What's also ironic is that I can find myself distracted by something.  (Like NOW, mid-post, I hadn't noticed anything because I was absorbed in typing)  Anything that -really- absorbs my attention seems to make the PND magically bearable for the duration.  That indicates to me that there's a strong psychosomatic component.  I -do- have chronic sinusitis, according to X-Rays, but it doesn't seem to HAVE to be so violently symptomatic.

So, I think stress/anxiety is a major key.  Now, the problem with THAT guess is that emergencies -also- seem to make me magically better.  I work in intensive care, and when something goes wrong, it's the same as if I'd been absorbed by something else.  However, it's certainly stressful, I would think.

In short, I don't know.  Going to an ENT next month, so we'll see where it goes from there.  The valium idea sounds to be worth a try.  I have a tendency to not be aware of my emotional states (Especially since The Ex), so I could see a lot of it transferring into that throat-tightening mucous-producing stomach-wrenching response.

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PND + anxiety = gagging / vomiting. It is the combination that does it.
I tried attacking both issues, PND and anxiety ... for the PND, I was prescribed Nasonex Nasal Spray (mometasone furoate) which I have been on for nearly 2 months and PND things have settled quite a bit ... I would say half way there, a big noticeable difference, but still a way to go.
For the anxiety I started (on advice from a naturopath) magnesium and zinc supplements, as a deficiency in these areas can give you an elevated base anxiety level. I was skeptical, but googled magnesium zinc anxiety, and it seemed plausible. So I have been on these supplements for nearly 2 months, with fantastic results.
All-in-All ... the anxiety/gagging has been totally eliminated ... the worst I have gotten over the last month would be clearing my throat, without the gagging feeling ... I haven't felt this good in a long time, and I have a lot of work pressure (very busy schedule) at the moment.
Obviously, since this has worked for me, there is no guarantee that it work for you guys, I just wanted to share my experience ... I hope it does work for some of you because I know what the gagging feels like, absolute hell!

PLEASE NOTE: Valium is not a fix ... I did try Valium at one time to prove the theory that without the anxiety, the PND does not cause gagging / vomiting. I would not recommend taking Valium regularly due to its addictive nature.
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Hi Guys, I am contributing thing I use in combating my ongoing cronic (chronic) mucus and sinus problems.

1) follow gluten-free diet
2) follow anti-mucus diet (available on line)
3) "Thin mucus" - twice in the evening steam nose by breathing over freshly boiled water covering head with a towel. Apply mosterizing cream or vaseline to nose and face prior this.
4) Apply warm object to area next to nose below your eyes. Can be a glass jar with hot water inside over thin fabric.

Wish everybody with this problem quck help, releive and hopefully recovery.
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Have anybody used "Mucinex D" as mucus thinner? It is over the counter medication. They advertise it like this: "Mucinex D thins and loosens the mucus that causes congestion and sinus pressure due to colds or allergies. For a full 12 hours."
Let me know, I want to try.
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This started for me one and a half years ago. I feel I am older, than most of you--46 (and female). I find it very peculiar. The wrenching below my rib cage and they call it "heart burn" when it turns into severe pain to the point of passing out from it. I take Mucinex D and unfortunately it works. It's just so very suspicious how this medication popped up and not long after I started suffering.I have made an effort to find out from whomever I might, pharmacists and doctors, what were people doing for these kinds of symptoms before Mucinex (and the little green thug of the commercials) came along? As for diet? I believe in the effort, I just haven't had any results. If it were just mucus? But it so much more. And found that gagging made me feel a little better mentally.... I have had major depression for almost fifteen years now. Do any of you feel otherwise mentally healthy and yet become distressed and take on these symtoms (symptoms)? I kind of feel that it is more an addition to my mental health problem and not a result of it. Stress yes, but environmental as well? And let me just say I am feeling less alone since going on line today. I regret that others suffer the same but not so surprised and the way the stuff flies off the shelves?
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To add to the above...I failed to mention how exactly these various symptoms reflect mine beginning with yarray's. Probably first of notice was the mucous as the back of my throat (and my mother has had post nasal drip forever though for her it never developed into what i have) so I guess that, pnd, describes the mucous. The symptom that bothers me most (and this isnt even getting to the more recent onset of acid reflux or is it acid reflux...) is the shortness of breath, suffocating etc. and my doctor says that it is inflammation due to allergies--causing all of it. And I should stress that Mucinex D and I am not a salesman works very well as long as I take at least four tablets daily. I feel almost normal. But then the acid reflux started only a year ago.And yet the lurching below my esophagus, like a flutter sometimes, started at least ten years ago. I've started reading the forums one for respiratory and one for gerd. I spoke as though I am paranoid about the implications and I just find it interesting enough to wonder if there is something caustic in our environment to bring this on especially mucous which has fewer life style implications for me than the gerd. I should also say I have had tests. I had a pulmonary test to see if it was in my lungs and it isn't. I had the barium test to see about the gastric end. It ruled out hiatal hernia and I am going to have a sleep apnia (apnea) test soon. Because I had a week of heart burn recently I need to go back to that other specialist and get a scope but I had hoped ant-acids would work. My Dr's prescription, I may have ignorantly not given it (I've temporarily misplaced the bottle), enough time to work, but it just didn't seem to work etc. If people wonder if this is mentally or stress induced, I'd ask, why now (this isn't the worst time of my life...) and why so very chronically? Wake up in the morning can't breathe, take the Mucinex D, etc.until evening rolls around and if I don't take my fourth Mucinex D I will be short of breath.  
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Well i wish i could be the bearer of good news, but i too have similar problems. not sure if anyone can remember when or where their problem started exactly but i can remember mine. 1996 i was skipping school with a friend and he told me to meet him after first bell or he was gonna leave me at school. when i went to the student parking lot he was leaving me. i ran and jumped on the hood of his car and he slammed on the brakes and i was thrown from what i was told forty feet from the car. awaking 14 days later in the hospital i was told that i had a skull fracture. It happened august of 96'. I have not been able to smell since the day i woke up in the hospital.i have had to sleep with a fan right in my face for the past 12 years in order to wake up without a stuffed up nose and not to start gagging. i have  had what it feels like anxiety attacks constantly 12 or 13 times daily hoping that it was just my adrenellan and hoping that i would grow out of it. Well not yet!. i too have what feels like social anxiety attacks when around others. i am unable to work due the the adrenellan feeling and nausea and gagging feeling i get when i move to fast. puking at work is not cool then you have to clean it up and that makes you  puke more. when i get really excited it happens and i cant control it. my wife thinks somethings terribly wrong with me. ha ha ha! well ive had my fun in life i could care less if i go now. i cant take this anymore. i just hope everyone here can find out whats causing it and find their cure. i dont know if anything i have said has help at all or even made things worse. have any of you ever had a major head injury or bumped the back of your noggin? well thats what my problem is. if theres anything anyone figures out please dont hessitate to respond of if any questions. williamanddonna at hotmail.com
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First of all, to William and the other lovely people that have expressed an ambivalence, or even longing for, death: Please don't let yourselves go! Look at this blog, we're all here with the same symptoms, and all caring about each other.

It seems absolutely clear that depression and anxiety are just as constant as the mucus! Why don't we all try the magnesium and zinc that was so kindly suggested.

I've had depression all my life (even though I'm only 24). I just started working on it (again) this time with a hypnotherapist. She said since I'm in a "safe place" now with a fiance, I'm starting to see the physical consequences of trying to survive and thus holding my healthy mental development back- I'm getting aches and pains everywhere, itching, mucus coming down my nose just barely so I can't swallow it or blow it out, chronic sinus congestion, anxiety that I think every other minute something terrible will happen. I only gag after I brush my teeth, when I have to brush my tongue with the toothbrush. It's not related to the mucus. I'm using Mucinex (since the congestion got worse because of a bad cold) and it's finally thinned out the mucus enough (after a week taking the medicine) for it to actually drip down my nose.

I just think we all need to try to have better outlooks. I'm going to talk to hypno about trying to get over the "sick mentality", and going to try magnesium and zinc (thanks!), as well as TRY to tell myself I'm healthy (I have IBS, and heartburn alot, but heck I've got both arms and legs!) and nothing catastrophic will happen to me. (Still want to do allergy testing and wish I could have MRI cause I'm freaked I might have a tumour..........................)

Anyway, I just don't want anyone to lose hope. I know I do all the time, but I don't want anyone else to feel that way cause it's horrible. Let's all have hope for each other okay??
Love to all

p.s. Great webpage
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I want to say that being "weak" and talking about my "problems" is very difficult. I fear the call of "hypochnadriac." I haven't worked since my  "mental breakdown" in 93. Tried briefly. But all of you who are working still? That is pretty impressive. By the way i picked up a multiple vitamin with a good amount of magnesium and zinc (because of reading these blogs) and  I could have shopped around more, but supposedly, supposedly, multiples are are more useful than some of us thought at one time. And the head injury, it seems to be quite prevalent, or something that never seemed like such a big deal. Falling on ice or slippery tiles....My brother and I were
talking about depression (that contains anxiety) and how a large percentage of the heart muscle is actually neural. And last week I see this link about anxiety and heart disease. Well, i can believe that anxiety can worsen the condition of a heart but how about a heart condition that worsens the condition of anxiety? Maybe, and probably congenital. I don't see an awful lot linear truths here and isn't that just as well? And the heart burn that was quite bad yesterday with minimal blood in my urine today... i know that pork is terrible for me and I have been careless about it. One holiday 25 years ago  i had bloody bowels and our cat had a fit--like heart burn, my one brother had been feeding him a lot of that good ol' ham. Yes, pork and coffee....
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I guess I'll jump into this conversation as I can relate to much of what is said here.

To give a brief overview of my situation - I've battled with heartburn, GERD, PND and anxiety for about 15+ years.  Not all at the same time, until recently.  I've noticed that one thing led to another.  

I saw an allergist about 8 years ago and he gave me Guaifenesin - telling me it will unclog my head and help with the PND.  Sure enough, it drained every bit of junk that had been stuck in my sinuses for years.  I continued taking it and soon noticed that my anxiety went away as did my PND and heartburn issues.  Hmmm, coincidence?  I believe not.  For years I've said that anxiety is tied to PND and my friends and doc have said no.  Sorry, I believe otherwise.

I stopped taking the Mucinex for a while and now I'm once again battling the PND, heartburn, what feels like GERD but could be PND, sour stomach/unwell feeling, and anxiety.  My anxiety is brought on when I get that little burn in my throat if I'm stressed or in a situation where I feel like I can't easily get away from (ie. dentist).  I also have a problem eating with other people because I get this feeling, don't feel well, can't eat and then I sit there and have to make excuses of why I'm not eating.  I'm trying some techniques to overcome it which are working but I need to continue to work at them to get a handle on it.

I'm recovering from a head cold that brought along some more PND and chest congestion so that turned up my symptoms a notch and for the past week I've been dealing with waking in the middle of the night feeling just this sick feeling and a burn in my throat - all thanks to the damn PND.

I think what I have to do is get back on the Mucinex and also get the soda out of my diet.  I drink 1 soda per day (16oz) and I don't think that's helping due to the caffiene, carbonation and acid.  I've felt bloated, gassy and just gross feeling the past few days and I can only assume it's a combination of the mucus in my stomach, the PND and the soda.  So in a way I'm setting myself up.  :(
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I feel bad for all of you!
Try a neti-pot, it's positive results on post nasal drip are well documented. Hope it helps!
(Neti-pot is an ayurvedic system of saline sinus irrigation. )
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I have been reading so many forums about this "unknown" thing we all seem to have.  Not all the sypthoms are the same, but instead of me saying, "yes, that is what I have have, fix me."  Apparently no one know a cure.  I have had this since 2005, but the things I did around the same are as follows:  Wisdom Teeth Pulled, New Baby (more stress), moved 2 years prior (to CA), Other dental work, and son broke my nose (slightly), was also on Anti-depressant, AND I DID SMOKE UP TILL 2008.

I am just wondering maybe someone had the same kinds of things or thing that occurred in their life.

I guess I will explain why experience just in case you were wondering.

June- 2005
- I had a lot to teeth work done.
- My nose was broken late 2004/early 2005
- I took an acid based muscle enhancer in Aug 2005 (after I already had post nasal drip)

Since this time I have seen 3 different doctors and an ENT.
I have had a cat scan of my sinus and only confirms the air isn’t getting to one side.  Also, ENT stated 2 things. “Your sinus is only slightly deviated, he doesn’t see that is the case of the problem.”  “Whatever it is, it isn’t doing any long term damage, it is just an annoyance.” (2005-2006)

I also had a chest x-ray, and was confirmed that isn’t the problem. (2006)

In that time, I have had swollen tonsils from 3-6 recurring.  At the present time, it takes more then one antibiotic to work. (2005-2007)

I have swollen glands daily.
I have a burning in my throat daily.
It gets worse with “anything” I eat or drink (including water).
I get sinus pressure almost daily, and it is my hearing seems cloudy just the same.
It seems like it is hard to keep focus.
(Describe post-nasal)

When I have to swallow any mucus I have burning down my rib cage, as well with my stomach.   (Also, anything else)

I have recently been depressed only because I don’t know what is going on with my body, and the 4 doctors I have seen can’t tell me what is wrong, and refuse to test me for anything further.

Cultures come back saying it is from my stomach, but no further testing was done.

I have been on
Levaquin 500mg (didn’t work) 2007
Fluticasome Nasal sp (didn’t help) 2007
Pseudovent 120-400 mg 2007
Amox-Clav 875 mg (didn’t help) 2007
Hydroxyzine 25 mg 2006
Rhinocourt 2006
Amox – 2005
Prolosec – OTC
Sudefed (sp) – OTC
Clariton – OTC
Ocean – OTC
Nasal Cleansing remedies – Kosher salt, etc.
Ear Candles – OTC

(Do not have all records)

Since 2005, I have had post-nasal drip and on a good day only have to “hack up” snot about 30-50 times daily.
On a bad day it is anywhere from 80-100 times a day.
It is worse with I am sick, it is worse during allergy season, but I am at the point where I feel like it is affecting me worse.  This is embarrassing, it affects my job, my friends, my teeth, and maybe other medical issues.

Please help me find the source.  At this point, I don’t care where/what it is.  I can’t live like this any more, I am only 26 years old.  


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This is an interesting story. I am an MD and as I hear your story, two things spring to mind. One, you've got something going on in your sinuses. Two, you've got something going on in your stomach.

Let's start with the second one. You're on an acid-medication, (Prolosec) so that should be controlling things; if it isn't, I would test you (via bloodwork) for H. Pylori, the bacteria that causes (almost all) stomach ulcers (no, they aren't caused by stress, as most people still think). If that's been done and is negative, then I would ask someone to scope me to see the state of my esophagus and see if there were any actual erosions present, or to see if I possibly had a hiatus hernia contributing to the problem.

The first problem's the more pressing one, especially as it actually could be the cause of the second. Clearly, you have a sinus problem - with the little I know I would say you likely have chronic sinusitis, even if the CT scan didn't show it. Many people are prone to recurrent, chronic sinusitis and the same unlucky people get it over and over again - it is probably some combination of them producing extra-thick mucous and having slightly smaller "exits" from the sinuses which causes things to get stuck. It must be a combination, though, because "sinus surgery" to enlarge these openings rarely seems to solve things on its own.

Sinusitis can be resistant to antibiotics, and sometimes there can be congestion without an infection even being present. So you need to concentrate on getting that congestion down. We already know you have allergies, so first thing I'd do is get on a regular anti-histamine (even if it hasn't worked before). Then, I would be taking a nasal decongestant (I'm from Canada and not sure what's available in the US), and would inhale some steam each night before bed. Then, stick on a Breathe-Rite nasal strip before bed and get a humidifier going in the bedroom. Stay very hydrated because hacking-up anything 50x a day is going to make you dry, and consider trying some Omega-3 capsules, which supposedly work well for chronic inflammation. None of this is medical advice, per se - it's just what I might try in your shoes.

If ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE is smoking in the house, or anywhere near you, this will all be for nothing. People with allergies who smoke, or live or work with smokers are in for a world of misery, and there's no help for that but avoiding it. You say you smoked up until 2008 (it has only been 2008 for 4 weeks!) so you REALLY need to consider this as the main cause. I am AMAZED when smokers look for "other causes" for their chronic nasal, throat or chest symptoms, as though inhaling smoke all day couldn't be cause-enough!

Interestingly, I recently had TWO patients with chronic sinusitis (one on disability) who experienced dramatic remissions (in DAYS) when they stopped drinking red wine. Don't ask me why - just try it. Foods are well-known triggers for sinusitis; it doesn't necessarily mean you're allergic to them, just that they trigger mucous build-up. Milk, cheese and bananas are known culprits, but it could be any food.

You may notice things start to settle now that you're not smoking. If they persist, consider whether something in your environment (other smokers, a triggering food, a pet, even the air where you work) could be exacerbating things. I would definitely refer you to an allergist for testing - most people are surprised by what they're allergic to (I discovered I have a severe allergy to hogs - who knew?!).

I really do think your sinuses are the main culprit here. The swollen glands, the post-nasal drip, the hacking-up 50x a day, the burning in your throat, the sinus pressure - these can all be explained by a chronic sinus problem. I wouldn't focus too much on the dental work, the move, the stress, the anti-depressant or the new baby - I doubt these have much to do with the cause - the smoking, well, that's another story!

I also wouldn't be so sure that everyone here is describing the same disorder. While it's helpful to share anecdotes, I find most people on these sites help in this way, "Yeah, I know what you mean, here's my story..." which really is no help at all (except perhaps to them).

Please stay off the cigarettes - it's the single best thing you could ever do for yourself - and give your sinuses a decent chance to recover from what has probably been many years of daily smoking. Visit an allergist and try the suggestions above, together and for at least 2 weeks to see if they help. Chronic problems often require some detective work, but if you keep at it, you'll eventually sort it out.

Best of luck!

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well i'm not sure if i'm exactly like the rest of you, but i do have the annoying gaggy feeling pretty much all the time it seems.i'm just not sure if its from post nasal drip like many others i've read.i've always had problems with sinuses, but when i feel gaggy it doesn't feel like snot, it just feels like something in the back of my throat to the point that i'm nausea. i very much understand some of the other posts when they say vomiting, even if i probally could avoid it, seems to be the only relief.i feel it is widly based on stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, at times.in 2005 i began smoking cigarettes, but since i am a heavy smoker, i also went through about 10 mo. of non stop stress that same year. i was always thin but had a little meat on my bones. by dec. of 2005 i was down to 105lbs(i'm 5 foot 8).  i was just to nausea and gaggy to eat or hardly drink anything. i fall into americas healthcare crisis so i never sought medical attention and eventually day by day began feeling better. i have put weight back on but i still have pretty severe panic attacks, usually brought on by feeling the slightest bit of nausea or gagginess. i really think i could use an anti anxiety pill or something. i don't know, sometimes i feel so bad, just wanna feel better.if anybody knows of another forum or sight that may help,please enlighten.
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Ive had this same problem for awhile now, the feeling of always having to spit up mucus and the gagging...first off, let me say this about the anxiety...I believe its definitely caused by the gagging feeling, mainly bec we're afraid of how we're going to look in public or in a crowded social situation if all of a sudden, you're gagging uncontrollably.  Its the fear of that that actually brings it on.  The main thing to remember during a panic attack if you dont already know is that u cannot die from it.  You have to get the what if's out of your head bec it just steamrolls to the point where it morphs into a panic attack...the thing you should probably do first is get your sinuses and stomach checked.  What you probably have is either post nasal drip or acid reflux or some combination of both.  I have both but until I knew that, I was always in a state of panic bec I thought something was seriously wrong with me.  Once I got the panic under control but I was still having the gagging problem, I knew it was something I should have checked out.  It helps also to change your diet and get some exercise.  Try to eliminate anything acidic from your diet and follow the doctors advice on how to treat either the post nasal drip or acid reflux.  I found that the best medicine so far for acid reflux is Aciphex.  There's no side effects, at least none that I noticed that I had when I was on Nexium so ask your doctor about that if you do have acid reflux.  Try not to depend on any anti anxiety pills unless its pretty severe and you need something to calm you down.  For me, in the beginning, Klonopin worked best but the thing to remember is I believe that just masks the real problem, which is in your head.  You CAN overcome the anxiety by just telling yourself that its not life threatening number one, doing some simple breathing excercises, like taking a deep breath, holding for 3-5 seconds and exhaling.  Its kind of like being afraid to take a huge leap fearing that the drop is too high and u may not make it.  But then you realize that the leap was only the size of a small step and you're ok.  Think about it, what really happened before, during and after the attack?  You feared something, then it happened, ur chest got tight, u prob hyperventilated, and then it subsided and you made it out on the other side.  No dying involved.  It really is as simple as that.  The point is, just for your peace of mind, do all the medical tests that you can to eliminate any doubt.  And even if u are diagnosed with acid reflux or post nasal drip, its treatable with simple medicines and some simple lifestyle changes that you probably should have done anyway so dont worry, you're fine.  Hope that helped.  
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I am absolutely amazed at what I have just read. I've even taken notes on a piece of paper sitting next to me. So far, the most common denominators are the following: (what seems to be spoken of a lot)
- Stress/Nervousness/Anxiousness/Panic
- Acid in stomach
- Mucous
- Sinusitis/sinus problems
- gaggy feeling

Here's my deal, and I'll just make a bulleted list for easy scanning. :)

- I've battled with the constant lump feeling in throat. Panicked from it, went to doctor, they said they wanted to scope me for GERD. I said no way. Still battle with lump in throat, but strangely, it came on by a few white spots in throat a few yrs ago. Still have lump.

- I have constant queezy feeling, every day. Know what makes THAT go away? ACTIVATED CHARCOAL!!!!! I have found that the charcoal (which I've been taking for years) is absorbing SOMETHING, whether it be acid, gas, or God knows what else. Don't take the pink charcoal tabs. They're worthless. Take the ones from a health food store in the white bottle. The front cleary says ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. Also remember, if you are gassy, you may not even know it. Gassy can be caused by swallowing air. Gassiness stays in your stomach and gives you queeziness. I personally have emetophobia, which is the FEAR OF PUKING, so when I'm queezy, I panic QUICKLY and CONSTANTLY until the queezy goes away. Charcoal makes it go away every time.

- Lump in throat in no doubt sinusitis. Recently, I started getting sinus headaches. Then I noticed pressure at bridge of nose. Googled last night and found Ethmoid sinusitis. Antibiotice were suggested, and then surgery if the antibiotics didn't work. Screw surgery. I'd rather take a hot poker to the eye. ;) I'm convinced the lump in throat is post nasal drip (PND). No question in my mind. I was even told it could be 'Globus Hysteria', which is a 'mental thing' brought on by stress. It makes you feel like lump in throat. It comes with intense nervousness/stress.

Everyone here is typing as if they are very stressed and nervous while they are typing. There's an overwhelming amount of anxiety in the posts. I even started getting the perverbial 'hot flashes' when I started reading the posts because I got nervous to read the stuff. You know, when you're reading webmd and you get a quick panic attack because you read the word 'cancer'?? Sheeesh..... another bold indicator that panic/anxiety is the overwhelming common denominator.

Here's my take:

Stomach Acid: Activated Charcoal works on stomach acid. If your stomach feels queezy, try it. If it goes away, you know it was either acid or gas that made you feel that way. General rule of thumb w/charcoal is it absorbs toxins so don't take immediately after taking any antibiotics/vitamins. Wait atleast an hour after taking medications, otherwise, the charcoal will absorb the good stuff you just dumped in your stomach. I'm 100 pounds b/c of freakin anxiety and can get away with taking 2 AC's. Read the bottle. Don't worry. They're safe. Yes, it's black charcoal, and when you go to the gathroom, it may look dark in color. I could give a **** less because it works. Once I burped and tasted it. ONCE in 5 years of taking it. It still worked anyway. :)

Lump in throat: it's mucous. Anxiety causes mucous. Every hear of someone saying they were so nervous, they had a 'lump in throat' right before a speech? I swear it's the anxiety that brings up flem (phlegm). You may not even FEEL nervous, but if your body is responding to stress, you'll get mucous. You need to conquer the flegm. Most people are saying Mucinex works. That would make sense because it's making mucous flow so it's not collecting and sitting in back of throat. If you're anything like me, you're afraid to take any meds because you fear side effects. Incidentally, ANOTHER SYMPTOM OF CHRONIC ANXIETY: afraid to take meds! :)  

Gaggy feeling: your nasal passages are swollen I think. I concentrated last night on this because i had it bad (the gaggy feeling). I tried to pay attention to what everything else felt like when i felt gaggy. I actually felt a tightening in my upper back sinusus. Much like the part you cant see that's inside, that connects to back of throat. It felt like it was contracting. Incidentally, every single time, I REFUSE to let myself gag. So gagging CAN be prevented I think. Just tell yourself, "NO!", breath in deep, and quickly get busy doing something! Do this every time it happens until you figure out how to tackle the sinus problem/flem.

Bottom line:

Caffiene and life situations ------> causes anxiety
Anxiety (can be hereditary) ------> causes acid in stomach (take Charcoal for the acid)
Anxiety ---------> causes flem (phlegm) (take something to rid/thin the flem (phlegm), like Mucinex from what people on here are saying)
(Also, Milk/smoking/banana --------> causes flem (phlegm))
(Flem (phlegm) can upset your stomach too. A friend of mine used to give her son baking soda for the upset stomach from post nasal drip. I haven't tried it in any form but it worked for her son.)
Flem (phlegm) -----> causes lump in throat. Lump in throat makes you feel gaggy because it collecting there. Gaggy 'feeling' makes you psychosemmaticly gag. Sometimes, you gag, you launch (I hate the p*ke word). tell yourself you will not gag. Breath deep. Get busy.

My boyfriend always says "Get to the root of the problem and you can fix anything. Go right to the source." I believe the source is anxiety disorders. Because every single symptom here seems to point to it. INCIDENTALLY, I did NOT get the gaggy feeling UNTIL I started having a sinus problem a couple months ago. Prior to the sinus prob, I thought it was just a wierd lump in throat and panicked and started going to doctors. The doctors were worthless. Except ONE who said it was stress. I swear he was right.

I've just been given LEXAPRO for panic/anxiety. I'm wondering if anyone on here has tried it. I'm a bit nervous about taking the med, but I can't take it any more than you guys can. I seriously think the anxiety is the root of the problem. Think about it. Fix the anxiety and you may fix the panic that gives you GERD/stomach acid. Fix the anxiety and reduce the flem (phlegm) (I think!). Fix the anxiety and you fix these panic fits your having because of the wierd symptoms you're having. Fix the wierd symptoms you are having by hitting the root of the problem, and can't you see yourself finally living a healthy life? Maybe the docs are idiots and cant figure all this out on their own FOR us, but hell, let's pull together and be sure, WE ARE NOT ALONE. Put us all in the same room talking about this very subject, and we'd probably actually laugh about it, and I SWEAR no one there would be gagging! You'd be too busy getting educated on how to fix this and laughing at the millions of people who secretly.... every day.... are gagging and nervous..... driving around in their cars wondering what the hell is wrong with them.... freaking out over this....  when all it was in the first place could have been cured by one pill. The one that rids the anxiety. Oh and the charcoal for the acid. :)

Sorry so long, but you guys really got me thinking about how to fix this once and for all! All my best to everyone and please continue posting! I'm going to subscribe to this blog! :)
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this fits my symptoms perfectly. i suffer from GAD, just had a course of antibiotics for chest infection, anti-histamines for sinus issues . have had costochondritis and now am on lansoprazole for GERD. are these things all related? the majprity of these symptoms have appeared in last 4 months, one after the other.

my chest is very tight today but probably because i was cleaning and there was a lot of dust. is there anyway to relieve symptoms for sinus's without medication?  Thanks SA
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Interesting - I found this site, because I am having the same symptoms.  I have always had what I called a nervous stomach.  When I'm nervous I feel nauseous - I always have.  I also have always had a bad gag reflux.  I am having a lot of stress at work right now + sinus drainage, plus I think maybe acid reflux some days - not always. I have thrown up twice - both times in the morning because of the large amount of phlegm combined with nervousness.  I have never smoked (though smoke in a room does bother me alot) The doctor is having me try a couple things to rule things out - For two weeks I'm supposed to take 600 mg mucinix 2x per day (have to take liquid Robitussin actually cause I have trouble swallowing pills, but it's the same thing), and do nasal irrigation once a day, and use flonase once a day.  I did that was feeling better, and forgot to do the nasal irrigation and Robitussin yesterday and this morning was much worse - I was also nervous about something going on at work today, and was not nervous the other days. If that doesn't work I am supposed to try heartburn medicine for two weeks. If that doesn't work she's going to test me for allergy induced asthma.  This started a few weeks ago - I thought it was because I had a friend over who has a cat, and i was working on her laptop computer, which stays in the room with the cat - I'm allergic to cats, but even when the laptop computer was returned to her I'm still having problems.  

For me I figured I am having real problems with sinuses and possibly acid reflux, but unfortunately when I'm feeling stress, that causes the nauseousness, and the gag reflex pushes me over the edge. I don't really think for me the stress is causing the phlegm, just the nausea part.  When I'm not nervous I can cough and not feel like throwing up.

Interestingly I think the nausea with nervousness is inherited - my father had it too - he said he thought he'd starve if he ever got married cause he used to feel sick when he went on dates he was so nervous. I have always had the same problem.

Interestingly I have similar symptoms last year when I was trying to get in shape to play an alumni soccer game - running in fairly cool weather caused massive amounts of phlegm and coughing - also I am a skater, and when I skate my programs sometimes in the cold skating rink when I am not yet in shape, I'll have the symptoms. After doing some research I thought perhaps I had what I had read was exercise induced asthma, so asked about that. I've never been diagnosed with asthma though and don't feel as if I can't breathe - just massive amounts of phlegm and coughing.

My doctor said I may just have a very reactive airway - don't know if I'm remembering exactly how she described it - not necessarily asthma.  Also I wondered about food allergies, because the problem is sometimes worse right after I eat.

I hope all of you find an answer to your problem (and me too).
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This has worked well for me.  I have NO proffesional medical background, these are just the things that I believe worked (as a formula) for me.  

Someone suggested to me:  Pepcid AC for throat clearing but watch the inactive ingredients if you have food sensitivity.  Compare inactive ingredients in reg, quick disolve, generic, etc.

Pepcid AC is an H2 (histamine) inhibitor It worked for me and fenegreek helped with mucus (just don't take too much; it has a laxitive effect if you take too much in one day).

There are many other things that may help.  Stay hydrated with water, not soda or juice or lemon in hot water.  Simple water is easiest on a stomach which may be suspected of contributing to this, don't you think?  Check additives in processed foods if you have a food allergy.

Wine is sometimes filtered using egg white... this is an example of a hidden food allery.  Not on the label. educate yourself

The additive Vitamin D may deplete magnesium...
You must be your own detective.  Get a book on vitamins and absolutely let your doctor know about any plans you have to supplement or take herbs etc.,

As for Anxiety.  I believe this is a sympton of stress and possible adrenal; fatigue.

Perhaps stress leads to fatigue, fatigue leads to hormone changes and nutritional issues. our bodies are more challenged in coping, the stomach and sinuses get involved.  In a healthy body mucus that is in the lungs is moved out all the time but now there is more mucus or the lungs are having trouble moving the mucus; or both.... that leads to shortnes in breath.  Perhaps by now we feel discomfort or pan because deep breaths, coughing and throat clearing have taxed the muscles around the chest abdomin (abdomen), upper back and neck.  Now you have been feeling lousy for so long you can't recall what is a symptom and what may have started it all...

Did PND cause bronchitus (bronchitis)?  did bronchitus (bronchitis) trigger stress?  did stress trigger cough?  you see the confusion?

I have been keeping my foods simple and unprocessed.  NO additives.  which means that dried fruits are out because of sufites.  I could go on forever.  Get teste for food allergies.  Maybe your body can't deal with so many foods under this stress.  And the kicker that ties all of this together for me is that Zinc, magnesium, B vitamins.... they are often prescribed as supplements when dealing with stress.  

AND: Rest, rest, rest, nap when ever you can.  even if you don't fall asleep lay down close your eyes for an hour.  This is going to take time.  Your gift when you become well will be "patience".  So start now by being patient with yourself and acknowledge that this is going take some time.  two steps forward, one step back.  And people who don't believe you are not helping.  Ignore them and be your own hero.  if you can get out for a walk; do so.  if you can only manage a few steps do it and then rest.  you must maintain your posture strength or it could escalate the Shortness of breath.  See a chiropractor if you think you need their help with getting your spine properly aligned again.

I meant to keep this brief and keep your interest I hope you made it this far and my anecdotal text has been helpful to you.  Not even bothering to check spelling etc. good luck.
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Have not read all of these but I want to tell you what has helped me.  I am NOT an authority just a sufferer of shortness of breath and coughing.

Drink water every day, with nothing in it! Not even a lemon.  The water helps to thin the mucus
Fenegreek for mucus.  (Rarely even need it any more)
Find out what your allergies are, including food.
Get as many naps in as you can to help your body come back to health
Red berries have great that may help calm anxiety symptoms (I know they are expensive but you only need a few per day.  (raspberry, blueberry, etc.)
a 24 hour Clariton (an H1 inhibitor. was using every day, hardly any need now)
pepcid AC (an H2 inhibitor for allergy symptoms also, plus can calm hidden Acid Relux which can exacerbate the difficult breathing, didn't even know I had the RELUX)
Let your doctor know you are taking these.  should not be a problem but this is info to be shared with your caregiver


Stay away from second hand smoke!!!

If you suspect allergies watch what is in the over the counter pills.  I keep it simple and avoid generic because the fillers are different.  But I have a lot of food allergies too.  

Remember to think about hidden foods.  for example if you are allergic to eggs... many wines are filtered with egg whites; also beer.  Deli meats could have chemical preservatives that come from dairy.

Pay extra for organic if you can, even part time may be helpful to recovery

Think about some massage or something similar to help ease muscle tension and correct posture.  This plus a Chiropractor helped me stand straighter again after coughing all day for two years.  The hunched position made even less room in my lungs

NO ALCHHOL for a while... give your body a chance.  I theorize that it just dehydrates and thickens mucus

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A related discussion, Continue (Post Nasal Drip - Anxiety - GERD)   was started.
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