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Pulsating veins in my left temple.
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Pulsating veins in my left temple.

I see a Neurologist last june, had some tests done, a MRI and everything was perfect. When I meet her, I only had chronic tension headache. I took an appointment with a Neurololgist because the tension headache stop to be relieving by the Advils and was out of control, especially when my anxiety level was high!!!

Since then, I deal with a new kind of head pain. Maybe it's trigger by my severe panic disorder, agoraphobia, cardiphobia and OCD?

When my anxiety level increase to the point of no return last summer, I start having 1-2 days a week a strange feeling on the left side of my head. I was able to feel my pulse rate on the veins who are located directly on the left temple of my head without touching my veins...at fisrt I didn't care about that, I was thinking that it was just the tension headache who got worse....but since 1 month now, each day, I have the same feeling but it's 10 times worse. The pain in the morning is less strong but I can feel my heart beat on the veins. It's seem to get worse after I use my computer or do mental task... and reach a high peak in the evening... My left eye often close alone or tears alone... the left eye burn also... I also have a running nose and strong tinnitus in the left ear...

The only way to reduce the pain or feel less the pulsating veins is to go in a dark room...

I had a lot of migraine when I was a child but they stop when I hit 19 yo...

I know this time it's not a migraine and it's very different from the chronic tension headache that I had previously... no meds can relieve the pain (Advil, Naproxen, Tylenol, Motrin)... as well as anticonvulsive meds like the Gabapentin, lyrica or Topamax... even the elavil don't help...

I see a Cardiologist 2 months ago and ask him about the pulstaing veins in my head and he look at my jugular veins and the veins in my head, he touch them and say it was normal...

Sometimes, if I look at myself in the mirror, I can see the blood vessels near my left temple pulsating...

My blood pressure is normal, a little bit lower since 1 month also, around 110/60... my pulse rate is very weak... can be very slow or very fast because of my anxiety...

Anyone know what it can be?

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A pulsating vein at the temple could be a normal finding—which may disappear with time. It could be due to increased blood pressure. Temporal arteritis is another possibility. Tension headaches too cause a pulsating vein at the temple with headaches. First of all get your blood pressure checked. If this is high, then this needs to be controlled. Clots in the vein and deep vein thrombosis are another possibility. Please consult your PCP to get the vein examined. Monitor your blood pressure. Get your eyes examined for sight problems like far or near sightedness. Keep a headache calendar, how the symptoms started, how they progressed, what medication you took and how and when they disappeared. Take care!
Hi ;-)
      Thanks for your answer!!!

I already keep a headache calendar... the Neurologist give me one to fill out for 1 year... but it's give nothing, I mean that I have headache every day... tension headache on the top of my head and the back of my head at first and now it's a pulsating one on the left side with the left eye pain and tears...

My blood pressure is under control also. The pulsating vein on the left side is not related to my blood pressure, I have my own blood pressure machine and when the pain is incredible high, I take the blood pressure and it's most of the time normal, sometimes too low for me, below the 110/60... so it's not seem to be linked to the blood pressure. I also ask my cardiologist 3 months ago about the pulsating veins on my head, at the time it happening only 1 time a week or less, and he said that it was normal to feel my heart beat on the temple of my head...

For the medication, nothing work to kill this kind of headache and I begin to think that's it's purely psychological and come from my severe anxiety state... The more worry I am about the headache and the more I think about it and the worse will be the pain...I try all the meds in the past for my headache and nothing really work, I had very bad side-effects with the Imitrex or Zoomig meds who are 5HT agonist, I had to go to the emergency because of heavy chest pain and very fast pulse rate because of those meds... Other meds usually use like the Pizotifen, who is only Rx in the Canada I think, not in the USA, don't work make me more anxious and increase my blood pressure...and all the anticonvulsives meds like the Gabapentin, Lyrica or the Topamax don't reduce the pain or prevent the headache or the frequency of them.

For my eyes, I had them examined 3 months ago... no pressure inside them, no problems at all... so in 3 months I don't think I can developp bood pressure in my eyes or any other kind of problems... they are just red and the left eye tears when the pulsating veins on the left temple is really painful...

I really think it's just another weird symptoms from my anxiety... like it happen with my jaw pain, who start 3 months ago... I never had jaw pain in the past because of the anxiety but now I have it every day... it's never stop... 1 year ago I had pain in some of my teeths.... I go to the Dentist and they find nothing wrong with my teeths... and the pain stop 2 months later and I start having other weirds symptoms like pins and needles in my chest, left arm and left hand... those weird symptoms stop also 2 months later... and the chronic chest pain with clammy hands and feet,  numbness of the scalp of my head and other weirds symptoms start all at the same time... the numbness scalp head stop... but the chest pain, the clammy hands and feet, the lower leg pain, the jaw pain and the new kind of headache start... maybe it will stop alone?...

For now, the best thing to do is to call my Cardiologist again when he will be back from the holidays next week and take another appointment with him... The main problem is that I live in the Quebec province in the Canada, and here we don't pay to see a specialist... it's a public health system and we have to wait a long time before having an appointment and it's worse for the tests... if i'm lucky, I will have an appointment with him in 3 months and will be able to have some tests done only in 5 months... who is a very long time for me...and going to the emergency will give nothing, they will return me home and say it's all linked to my anxiety!!! Like the last time I goes there because of the chest pain and fast heart beat... they was angry at me because I was taking the place of peoples who really need emergency cares....

The joice of a public health system... we don't pay but we don't get good health cares!!!

Thanks again for your answer!

I wish to you an happy new year ;-) Take care of you!
A related discussion, pulsing left side of forehead was started.

I've read your thread about hte pulsating vessel in your forehead. I would like to inquire what is the reseult of your tests as I experienced the same symptoms and also I have anxiety problems. thanks and Hope to hear from you soon.

Hope you are Okay.

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