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I have a MCV red blood count reading of 104.  I was told to see a Hematologist because this count is high.  What causes an elevated MCV?  ( All other blood counts were normal)
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They may want to check you for macrocytic anemia.  
There can also be other reasons the MCV comes back elevated.  I found this info on an nih gov website:

"In red cell agglutination, doublet erythrocytes are counted as one, and larger clumps are not counted as red blood cells at all. This leads to a "decrease" in red cell count and a falsely elevated MCV. Determination of the hemoglobin value is not affected. Prewarming the sample eliminates these spurious values.

In hyperglycemia, red cells are transiently hypertonic in relation to the isotonic diluting fluid, resulting in swollen cells and an elevated MCV. This can be avoided if some time is allowed for equilibration after dilution."

I found this on the web at drkaslow- a com site:
"Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

The MCV relates to the average size of the red blood cell. MCV increase or decrease along with an increase or decrease in MCH is a significant finding for folic acid and/or B12 need (increase) or iron, copper or vitamin B6 need (decrease). MCV and MCH should always be viewed together.

Optimum values 87.0 to 92.0 cu. microns.

The MCV is increased in:

Hereditary anemia(s).
Megaloblastic Anemias (pernicious, folic acid deficiency, B12 deficiency)*
Reticulocytosis (acute blood loss response; reticulocytes are immature cells with a relatively large size compared to a mature red blood cell)
Artifact (aplasia, myelofibrosis, hyperglycemia, cold agglutinins)
Liver disease
Drugs (anti-convulsants)
Zidovidune treatment (AIDS"
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