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For years I had suffered from red flushing in my neck and chest (for some reason it would stop right below my chin). I would flush when I would drink alcohol, when I would get some strong emotions, stress, embarrassment even intense joy... I would also flush after an orgasm or even when eating spicy foods.... I am a very sociable person and this was totally ruining my life as it would make me extremely self conscious because I would think that any second I could turn red... I tried Propranolol (10mg x4 times a day) which DID NOT help and even made me feel super depressed. One day I came hope and just cried all night and I decided that I would not take these pills anymore.
I decided to give acupuncture a try and 4 treatments in I didn't really see any difference. After the 5th treatment when I told my incredible therapist that I can't take this anymore and that I pray this works she saw that I was totally exhausted and stressed "from the inside". I also forgot to mention that my mom and sister have the same flushing issues so it's my genes. On the 5th treatment the lady made some small whole in my back and ears to evacuate the "bad blood" from the body and I PROMISE that I felt so amazing after this treatment. I did 6 treatment so far and  I am extremely happy to say that I barely flush anymore. I had wine yesterday = nothing at all, I had sex = nothing at all, I was in meetings all day long = nothing at all.... Guys please give acupuncture a try! I know how difficult this is because I lived it for many years and please try it, its natural and it relaxes you... Many people give up on acupuncture because they expect overnight results, PLEASE give it time and I hope that it works for you as well as it worked for me. It may be expensive but it's totally worth it, just be patient with it and don't stuff your body with crazy medication.

Truly hope this helps some of you!
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