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I have had three RF tests over 12 months.  1 was 66, another was 78 and then it was 200.  I have been on methodrexine(2 a week) as the ra doctor says I have arthritis.  I am also on mobic everyday.  I still wake up very stiff and sore.  I have large knots all through my back which really hurt when I touch them firmly.  Actually my whole body is sore to the touch.  When I get a massage the masseur can't believe how tender i am.  The massage helps to loosen me up.  I am constantly tired.  I am overweight but not excessively.  I had my rf of 200 whilst on my medication for 4 months.  The doctor thought that odd.  I am still in pain.  I love my gardening and can't even grab hold of the weeds to pull them out.  I have no strength in my hands.  I have no narly fingers or abnormal looking joints.Can someone help.  It is really affecting my life.  I am always cranky and tired.

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