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RUQ/RIB/Back pain, GI tests no help
This isn't so much a question but I hope it helps others, I can't possibly reply to all the posts that had similar symptoms...so this was the best I figured I could to hopefully help at least one person.  I started having pain in my upper right abdomen and after trips to urgent Care, ER, and PCP all of my symptoms pointed to my gall bladder primarily gallstones.  

I felt a stabbing pain on the right side just under my rib cage that radiated through my back.  The pain worsened when it was pushed in on (which every Dr that saw me had to do).  I couldn't sleep through the pain and was exhausted.  It hurt to lay on my back, it hurt to lay on my side (oddle the left side was worse to lay on than the right side), the most comfortable position was to be slightly reclined.  I noticed it hurt more when I ate.  It wasn't so much what I ate but in hindsight it was that I was sitting upright.  I had other pains as well, it hurt to cough, sneeze and sometimes just to take a deep breath.  Like so many others who have posted, I was put through tests which were all normal (ultrasound, HIDA, CBC and other blood tests etc.).  I was put on trials of multiple kinds of medicines for reflux, ulcers, IBS or because my stomach wasn't emptying as efficient as normal.  I got no relief from the meds.  I tried OTC pain meds and they were helpless.  I was scared to us narcotic pain meds because we didn't know what was wrong and I couldn't be doped up and take care of my family (which was difficult enough because of the pain).  I eventually got desperate and used a painkiller at night so I could get just an hour or two of sleep.  One of the days I got an incredible migraine that last two days (a rare occurence for  me).   Naturally some form of anxiety was making things worse because I couldn't ignore the pain.  I felt consumed by an unknown stabbing pain in my abdomen where so many things could be wrong and nobody but me seemed to sense any urgency to figure out what was wrong.  

While waiting to get in to see the GI specialist to do more testing I came across this site and found so many postings with similar symptoms and frustrations. I've been reading about people having to just deal with the pain for years.
I noticed there were a few posts that mentioned spinal issues so in my desperate attempt for relief I went in to see my chiropractor.  I explained my symptoms and he layed me down and with just a moment of examination of feeling my spine and ribs he found the spot.  My 6th rib and attached vertebrae was out of place.  He popped it back into place and within seconds the stabbing pain in my abdomen was gone!  

Its been four days since and I was still very sore for a few days and the muscles in my back are very sore.  I am still having muscle spasms in the abdominal area and I feel tender to the touch.  THE STABBING UNCONTROLABLE PAIN IS GONE!!!  My PCP was very happy to hear I was able to find relief but is still having me see the GI spec just to be sure there isn't anything else going on.  I will see him this week and will post again if anything else is found.  I am not suggesting this is the case for everyone with similar issues but I hope it might help someone.  I will be honest having my back popped back into place was painful but nothing in comparison to the stabbing pain.  My insides do feel sore and bruised and I am not sure if the out of place rib was rubbing something and created a sore or if it was caused by the spasms or if there is still something completely unrelated going on.  At this point I know I finally got some relief w/o the use of meds/drugs and that every day I am feeling better.
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