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Recurring Head Cold/Congestion & Knee Inflammation plus long term knee soreness.
I have had chronic knee soreness for about a year. Had to see a doctor once when it worsened to a state of inflammation above knee cap and I couldn't even walk or bend it. They drained it and tried to test the fluid that was in it but couldn't get anything. They gave me ibuprofen and painkillers. At the time I also had a really bad head cold that persisted for over a month and had the following symptoms: congestion, cough, really clogged ears, sinus issues, etc. However I don't think I had a fever.  This was 2 months ago or so. Once again I have cold symptoms, but this time cough, sinus, congestion, kidney pain, infrequent chest pain, and skin sensitivity ..and I think a fever.

I know std's could be something to worry about with my symptoms but I have not had any discharge or bumps. I do have sex regularly with my wife only and have had a few uti's, sometimes accompanied by pain in the testicles.

I have a very bad phobia of hospitals and need to fix this. The doctor said it's just a cold and probably arthritis?  (i am 32 years old btw and not an athlete)  or a cold that infected my knee?

Someone suggested getting antibiotics from a pet store, is this a safe option? or should I take a specific type? I haven't had antibiotics more than once or twice in my life and that was when I was a kid.  I don't have insurance and refuse to see a doctor where i live.
How can I treat this safely myself? or at least pinpoint some specific causes?
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