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Rhomboid muscle pain for 7 yrs after blood patch procedure
I am 38 yrs old and when I had my last baby (7 yrs ago) the nurse anethesist messed up on my epidural (twice) and I ended up with what they called a "wet tap". After being in pain all night they decided to do a blood patch the next morning. They had a very large nurse pushing on my shoulders to bow my back during the procedure and hurt me really bad. The dr just told me I had pulled muscles and sent me home on pain med. and muscle relaxers. After about 6 months when it never got better I started seeing doctors to find out what was wrong and also saw a chiropractor (my step-mom works there). They told me I had unseated (or dislocated) rib heads in my back and shoulders. The most painful one is where my rhomboid muscle is. I would go and let her put the ribs back in but they pop back out before I get to my car. I have had an MRI which showed nothing and have had no luck with any of the doctors I have been to. I also went to physical therapy and that didn't help either. It is a constant, burning pain in my right shoulder blade and you can feel that my muscles feel like a rope. It hurts up my neck to my right temple and also down my right arm. This pain has completely changed my life. I am not able to do any of the things I used to do. l had just gotten an associates in Business degree right before this happened and have never been able to even use it. I go to bed depressed every night because I know that tomorrow is going to be just the same as today. I came across a discussion on here from people with the same type of pain I'm having (the discussion was already closed though) and thought maybe there is someone on here that might could help me. I take pain med. to get me through the day but it really only makes the pain tolerable. My step-mom told me the only way those ribs in my back would stay in place is to strengthen those muscles to hold them. Every now and then I will bend over to pick something up or move wrong and a rib will hook around a fisset (the little cartilage things on the side of your spine) and I cannot straighten back up until I twist my back around and get it unhooked. Please, if anyone has had any of this happen before or know anything I can do to get rid of this pain, I would really appreciate your response. I am tired of being in constant pain and would love to enjoy life again with my husband and children!
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