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Right Hip Pain
I am a 50 yr old male, I developed a severe right hip pain, I have been to the chiropractor twice and did not help.
Now 10 days later it's still very painful, I can barely walk at times. I have done a lot of reading, gallstones can cause hip pain, but I don't have the symptoms associated with having gallstones. A kidney infection can cause that. I encountered another man near my age who developed my exact symptoms a few days back. This makes me think it could be genetically modified wheat or perhaps a germ warfare agent in the food supply, or in the water. If this symptoms were becoming an epidemic then the last two are great possibilities. I have found that GMO's are not recognizable by the body and may be toxic to the kidneys. In 2007 the human grade wheat gluten from China with melamine added used in pet foods were killing American pets, the pets were dying of kidney failure. The melamine was in the human grade wheat gluten which had to have made it into human foods, the FDA refused to provide which human foods contained this contaminated wheat gluten. In a study there was an overall upward trend in dialysis transfusion rates from January 2007 through March 2012.
I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this mystery pain and have some leads on what it might be or what they have found. A past article I read someone had great success by giving up eating wheat which is likely genetically modified and eating lots of beans.

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