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Right Toe Numbness
My right toes (the middle 3) have been numb the last few days.  I have been HOME mostly, staying off my feet and not wearing shoes, so i know shoes aren't the problem

When I had this problem in the past, my chiropractor said "pinched nerve or too tight shoes" ... he adjusted me.  It didnt' go away immediately, but eventually did.  I tried chiro. a few days ago again, and it still hasn't helped.

I'm wondering if there is anything else I can try (home rememdies) to hopefully bring back the feeling in my toes.  they dont' hurt, they just feel like a block of nothing in my sock.  

PS -- I guess I have poor circulation --- hands and feet are often colder than the rest of my body and I have to wear gloves/socks most of the time to keep them from freezing.  Could this be a factor?
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