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Right toes cold left toes OK
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Right toes cold left toes OK

Per thread title one of my feet is colder than the other.
Hx: Have had a painful 4th digit on my right foot for several weeks.

Lst few weeks my left foot is OK, a little chilly due to the cold weather but my right foot feels really cold, particularly middle to small toes.

Suspecting circulation problems (rather than neuro) I checked the surface temperature of my toes with a bead thermocouple (meter calibrated etc).
Affected right toes are at 15.0deg C, corresponding left toes are at 15.9 deg C.
Repeated measurements at different time and differential is nearer 1.4 deg C

Have thicks socks, slippers on etc.

Is such a differential 0.9 - 1.4 deg C within normal bounds?

Should I see GP?
Bit of a "frequent flyer" at the surgery.
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possibly is a circulation problem.  I would have your blood sugars checked as well.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
One foot toes having lesser temperature can be due to deep vein thrombosis, atherosclerosis of arteries, lupus, diabetic neuropathy, or due to pinched nerve.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!

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Hello, I work on a surgical ward and we have some patients who suffer with vascular problems (2 recently) I would say you should see your GP and ask for a referal to see a vascular consultant to check any vascular problems such as a thombosis.
Hope thats helpful.
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Thank you all for replying and thanks for the welcome..
I don't think I am diabetic, no family Hx of type 1, I'm not particularly overweight, just at top of normal BMI range 183cm 85kg, GP didn't consider me at risk for type 2, or 1.5.
Not had any other symptoms of diabetes like raging thirst or unexplained tiredness.

Last time I did a glucose test it was within normal range pre and post prandial didn't do post fast test. That was for what ended up to be a nerve compression cubital tunnel.

I'm a heavy smoker. Don't drink alcohol, far too much coffee though.
Though I try to keep healthy with my diet; fruit, veg, wholefoods, olive/canola oil, oily fish, cocoa, turmeric I have been a bit friendly with the Doritos on Saturday nights this year  and not had much exercise due to unemployment. I'm all day every day at the PC looking for jobs so only get about 1/2 hour of exercise a day. Been getting out more since this started though.

Definitely a family Hx of Atheriosclerosis, [Senile] Arteriosclerosis and thrombosis mother's side, oddly the cause / contributing factor of death of both her parents, both following elbow problems. I have varicose veins from Fathers side.

I'm pushing my luck for an MI or cardiovascular event, let alone all the other potential outcomes of smoking. Finding it tough to stop.

I'll telephone tomorrow morning to make an appointment with my GP (PCP).  It'll be a few weeks until I get one so will recheck and record the surface temperatures. I'll likely see a consultant vascular surgeon before I manage to get an appointment with my GP but I don't want to bother him with work stuff out of work.

I'm terrible at determining when I should see a Dr and when I shouldn't.

Guess I should postpone blood donation appointment.

Meantime is 300mg aspirin / day advisable?

Many thanks
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Hi Sparkie,
I am a podiatrist. After reading your concerns I believe your condition is truly a vascular one. While diabetes can affect circulation, it should not do so on only 1 extremity. Smoking constricts blood vessels and therefore decreases circulation. This puts you at great risk for decreased healing of any wound, stroke,MI, and the list goes on.
I would suggest you make an appointment with a vascular specialist as soon as possible. Having cold toes on 1 foot may indicate a blood clot as a previous member stated. This should not be ignored.
I hope this is helpful for you.

Bryant Tarr DPM
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Thanks Footdock,
Sorry I didn't have the e-mail alerts on so have only seen your response now.
My whole foot and the lower part of my leg is cold now, toes particularly cold. Toes are tending to cross (maybe they did before but didn;t notice?). My Dad's toes do that as he had frostbite during the war he said.
It was decision time 'me stopping smoking' or 'smoking stopping me' so I'm on patches now.
I forgot to telephone the GP on 24th so will do so tomorrow.
I telephoned the NHS 24 (medical advice line) an hour or so ago to ask what the fast time is for glucose test, so I can go prepared for the appointment in case GP wants to test glucose. I didn't get the answer only an inquisition.

GP would have a thermometer capable of measuring surface temp, would he? I think sometimes he doesn't believe what I say.
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