Salty deposits in or below eyebrows
by zorgkang, Feb 14, 2007

I've had this "problem" for a long time.  As the subject says, I often find a salt like powder in and under my eyebrows (not eyes).  It is often pronounced enough that I notice it immediately when glancing at a mirror.

Obviously it is due to sweating in that area but why is there so much sweating going on there specifically?  This happens without doing strenuous exercise by the way, and there is no sweat dripping in my face, but I have noticed that the region gets humid often, while walking for example.  Also, if my sweat is overly salty, how come there are only deposits there?

My first concern is that it doesn't look too good.  But I suppose it might also indicate some underlying salt related problem.  Maybe I'm not evacuating it enough?  I'm pretty sure I don't have too much salt in my diet, I'm probably below average for a North-American.

Finally, I searched on the internet but only found 2 other accounts of this problem, without any useful replies.

Thanks for your input.
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by alchris, Feb 15, 2007
Is it possbily it can be dandruff, excema, psorisis.  Go to a dermatolgist they will be able to tell you, a simple cream might clear it up.
by zorgkang, Feb 16, 2007
Thanks, I'll definitely bring it up next time I go to my doctor, but it's not dandruff (salt texture and too much when it happens for it to be skin cells) and my skin is fine.  I'm 99% sure it's sweat salt deposits.
by bigeyes67, Mar 06, 2007
I have experienced the same thing.  What on Earth made me taste it is beyond me, but i did - definitely salt.  it's rather embarrassing too.  I've had several people tell me i have something by my eye, so now I've gotten in the habit of checking frequently.  this started happening to me about 3 years ago.  Does anyone know what its caused by?
by cgrayflorida, Feb 08, 2008
I am so relieved to hear that other people have the salty eyebrow problem too! And, I tasted it too because it felt gritty like salt but much finer and I had a feeling it was salt and sure enough, it tastes salty. I was talking with my mother about this and she is concerned that I may have some underlying problem that needs to be checked out. I have had this problem ever since I can remember and I am 43 years old. I was never worried about it until she mentioned I should have it checked. Has anyone heard any feedback on what it could be? I'd really like to know if I need to worry about this.
by Mel1974, Mar 11, 2008
I have the same problem too, I'm 34 years old and this has been happening to me since I was at least 17!  I did taste it too... people always tell me it's eye shadow or something... it's gritty, and right under my eyebrow, almost on my lid, and then at the side of my eye near the temples... HELP!  Anybody know what this is all about?
by Ldiggs910, Mar 18, 2008
I'm a 32 year old 5'9" 175lb black male. I work out 4x's weekly and am in excellent health. I too come home from work some days and find the fine salt crystals in my brows.

Its only been happening for about 5 years. I was wondering if anyone else here has ever taken Lamisil? After taking it for the prescribed month, my whole body chemistry changed. I suddenly had the propensity to sweat very easily with minimal exertion and the skin on my forehead becomes oily very quickly. I had to use stronger deodorant too. I can no longer put lotion on my forehead without clogging my pores and getting pimples.

Has anyone else taken Lamisil also?
by jezebel1978, Mar 27, 2008
I have the same condition and have had it for some time.  I get a salty, gritty deposit on between my eye and eyebrow, and also somtimes in my eyebrow, but always in the same spots.  I notice that it will not appear for awhile at times and I tend to think it is either diet or exercise related.  I hadn't had it for awhile and then just recently I started running more than often (in addition to my normal strength workout).  As a result, my metabolism kicks into high gear at the slightest physical exertion, which makes me start perspiring a lot quicker than periods of time when I am not doing so much cardio.  Perhaps it is just an overactive sweat gland?
by retatinob2, Mar 31, 2008
Hi.  I have the same problem. Just wondering how much water you all drink.  I don't drink much water, but I think I'm going to try to improve on that.  I wonder if that has something to do with it.
by retatinob2, Apr 01, 2008
I looked into this more.  It is possible we may hyperhidrosis.  I have facial blushing and sweating of the feet as well as the sweating of the eyebrows.  The eyebrow sweating is what causes the salt & the sweaty feet causes foot odor for me.  I think it may all be tied into having hyperhidrosis.