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Scary Painful Poops Could Kill You??
Recently this same exact thing has happened to me. It has only happened 2 other times and all 3 times have been utterly unbearable!! I havent been able to find anything much online so I'm hoping I can find some answers here.

Heres a few facts about my body:
1. Since birth, I have ALWAYS had trouble having a bowel movement (born constipated I guess)
2. Since childhood, I have always taken laxatives or mineral oil.
3. I have bought and drank a special herbal tea, thats supposed to be like a laxative.
4. I have ate lots of foods high in Fiber.
5. Since childhood, I have always preferred to drink lots of water instead of sodas.
6. For about a year, I have discovered and used enemas.

All these things, have only helped in the constipation part, but they DO NOT cure whatever I have going on inside me.
I have been to a doctor when I was in middle school and they did an ultrasound on my lower abdomen and said they saw nothing wrong. But it still doesnt explain anything. :(
I heard that not having a bowel movement can KILL YOU. And I go sometimes 4-5 days without one. Which is why now as a young adult, I have to drink 3 giant "gulps" of mineral oil for me to even have a poop at all.

Now on these 3 occasions, this ALL happens to me, which is why its so scary and I feel like Im gonna die.
1. Within seconds my stomach will go into a severe agonizing PAIN and I turn a deadly WHITE color.
2. Within seconds my body is drenched in a pouring constant SWEAT that wont stop.
3. Some diarrhea comes out at times.
4. I lose all strength in my body, so before hand I prop my arms and head on the bathroom trashcan.
5. I begin to lose my SIGHT and my ears go DEAF for a few minutes.
6. I cant MOVE. My heart is RACING. Its hard to BREATHE.
7. On the inside my body feels outrageously boiling HOT.
8. While on the outside my body feels so COLD that its stinging like needles.
9. During which, I VOMIT into the trashcan, while at the same time I poop out more soft bowels.
10. Im on the toilet for about 30 MINUTES before I can even hardly move or speak.
And that pretty much sums it up.

I have been told that theres a nerve or something that travels from your butt all the way up to your brain, and when this nerve gets pressured against it, thats the reason why this happens to me.  During these rare episodes, its not hard to poop, just very painful everywhere else in my body.

So does this have a name??
What are some steps I can take to try and finding out if maybe I have something blocking my intestines??
What do you suggest I do??

Thank you for reading and giving me your advice and opinions.
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i have IBS and this sounds like it could be that go to your doctors. it could be Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) its very painful or it could be crones which is worse i dont want to frighten you but i think you need to go to drs asap. good luck (p.s i dont think poo can kill you!)
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The nerve you are referring to is called the vasovagal nerve, and it can cause dizzyness and even nausea when it is overstimulated.  That is called a vasovagal response. There are many things that trigger it. For me, severe pain triggers it.

But that doesn't help you with the underlying issue.  You definitely need to see a gastroenterologist who can explore possibilities with you.  Perhaps you have a kink or partial blockage in your intestines that you were born with that is now causing even more significant problems. There are more tests you can do besides an ultrasound. It is unfortunate this wasn't pursued more when you were a child so that it didn't get to this point.

What you are dealing with is not normal at all.  Be sure to explain all this to your doctor.  Don't minimize or trivialize any part of it or the doc might not appreciate the severity. Just because you had problems for a long time doesn't mean you should have to live with it forever.
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