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Severe Abdominal Pain and rapid weight loss!!! HELP!!!!???
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Severe Abdominal Pain and rapid weight loss!!! HELP!!!!???

Hello i am 17 years old.
last year may (2012) i had been admitted to a children's hospital in buffalo due to a raging fever and abdominal tenderness. three days later they said it had to be my appendix which pathology later said it wasn't. however, now... on the 7th month later, i have severe abdominal pain that radiates from underneath my rib cage to right where your appendix usually is. ive had this pain since the day i woke up from surgery. every doctor has told me and my parents its stress and in my head. my appetite is also very poor. since the summer time, ive gone from around
117 lbs - about 95 lbs. we've been to every doctor we could think of. im still dropping in weight and still have the pain. no pain relievers help at all.
A couple thoughts - "no pain relievers help at all" is interesting.  Do you really mean they don't help AT ALL,  or they don't help enough to give you enough relief?  

What you're describing sounds like what is called "phantom pain".  That's when a body part has been removed but it still "hurts".  People with leg amputations often have this - unbearable pain in the leg that's been removed.  It's not a psychiatric condition,  it's a neurological/spinal cord problem.  

Google "phantom pain" and see if it sounds right to you.

BTW - some diseases cause people to lose weight while they maintain a normal calorie intake.  It sounds that your weight loss is caused by you not eating enough - is that true?  If that's the case,  that's normal and you'll just have to force yourself to eat more.  Brush your tongue with your toothbrush vigorously every time you brush your teeth and that will help stimulate your taste bunds and hopefully increase your appetite a little.
are you sure theyre not growing pains make ure you dont have a urin infection this is very painful
My husband had your symptoms and he had tests and scans and he was told that he did not have appendicitis....fast forward almost two years, he finally started vomiting and he went to the ER. It was appendicitis, but only the upper tip of his appendix was inflamed. His pain was atrocious! They did remove his appendix at the hospital. So I guess sometimes it can flare and then calm down enough to not show up on a scan. Besides, and ultra sound and blood test won't always test positive at all. If you start vomiting then you're ready to go to ER and have it removed! They did it laproscopically, so there was little down time afterwards.

My husband had no appetite during these times so he lost weight, too. Are you getting skinnier b/c you simply cannot eat? If you are still eating like normal then ask for other tests. Hate to sound scary, but cancer is a real thing that should be ruled out. You are young and your metabolism is faster, so you make lose weight more quickly than most people normally would. If you are eating a lot of food and still dropping, then that is not good. Buffalo has one of the best C centers in the country, and I know a woman who had it when she was 23...and today she is almost 70 years old! So try not to worry. Whatever it is, you will know soon enough. I don't believe you have ghost pain!

Are you experiencing loose/frequent/painful stools/blood? You could be experiencing intestinal autoimmune disease. That would make you lose weight, have intense abdominal pain (in any quadrant) and make you feverish.

Best of luck!
Thank you very much for this information.  I have had my appendix out already  and it was done laproscopically.  Our main concern is the rapid weight loss. i eat like crazy all day long and i just dropped 5.8 lbs in less than a week.  that is very concerning to me and my family.  i am going for more blood work after school today, they are checking the blood for infection of any kind, my count to make sure its normal and they are also using it to check my liver.  my doc is concerned about my liver and gallbladder. we are also calling strong memorial hospital in rochester to make an appointment as recommended by the doctor to do that as soon as possible. my dad said i may need to also get my gallbladder out but i dont know if thats true or not.
if u have any more advice or the slightest bit of information that would be great and greatly appreciated by me and my family. we need to get this figured out soon because i start my freshman year of college in the fall and honestly i cant afford to lose anymore weight.
thank you so much and please... any information at all.
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