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Severe bicep spasm/muscle locking
I am desperate for some help/advice on a problem I have had for years. Every now and again, my bicep in right arm feels like it twists and locks and the only thing that releases it is a handful of Baclofen tablets and a couple of diazepam tablets. The pain is excruciating and I have to rely on my other half to feed me the tablets when it happens. It happened last on Friday morning and the muscle released after about 5 minutes after taking the tablets. The only thing I did that caused the 'spasm' was to scratch the back of my head!!  It has happened in my sleep before also my switching a light switch, no rhyme or reason really.

I have had numerous MRI scans and do not have arthritis or any bone problems in my shoulder. It was noticed that I had lost muscle strength  so had physio sessions to help.

No doctors have come up with any answers and i am desperate to know what the problem is, get it corrected as I am terrified of it happening if I am on my own somewhere with no one to help me. I am now scared of sleeping in case it happens again. My doctors at the local surgery have told me on numerous occasions to stop taking Baclofen but the problem is not sorted and they really do help me.

After the muscle released on Friday I had pain on the right hand side of my neck down to the palm of my hand so to me, this suggests muscular and nerve problems.  Please help someone, I am desperate for help and advice
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