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Severe but irregular arm pain.
For a couple of weeks now I've had a very severe pain that tends to come and go.  It started one night at work, whilst doing nothing in particular i got an ache throw my bicep region of my left arm.  Then every day since I've had a period of intense pain at some stage, but for the majority of the day my arm wasn't feeling too bad.  However now my arm has become quite weak, I was doing weights quite comfortably and hadnt since the problem started, i tried to do my normal bicep curl weight and got no where.  If i do pushups i can do them but feel weak to the left side, and then shortly after will feel an ache through the arm.  When i get the painful ache it is intense through the entire upper arm, and i get numbness in my lower arm and a dead arm sensation that i can't flex the elbow joint.

During the times when the arm isn't too bad, if i feel around my arm there is a spot on the inside of my arm on the side between the bicep/tricep.  Aswell also a sore spot if i push on the tricep.  Both these sore spots are just above the elbow maybe a third of the way.  I've had concerns it was related to a severe humeral fracture three years ago, i've had xrays which have ruled out bone damage, although with the humeral rod and screws is it possible that its causing some soft tissue or nerve trouble?..

The other possible problem i've considered is something to do with the shoulder.  Earlier this year i had an AC joint injury in a sporting incident, although it wasnt a severe injury, and i only missed one week, i was thinking maybe it hadnt healed perfectly and something in the shoulder was somehow transferring pain down my upper arm.

I've spoken to a doctor, not my normal one unfortunately, however i was quite unimpressed, he seemed confused and just said get an xray and didnt really offer any ideas.  I said i hadnt had any recent impact or incidents to think its possible for bone problems from the past break, but it seemed like it was the only thing he consider.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.  I'd like a good nights sleep soon! haha.

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Thanks for writing.

I read through your post. Like you are analyzing, there are a few possibilities. One is over use or stain on the muscle. This makes the arm feel weak along with pain. It could also be due to injury to nerve, detected by clinical examination and confirmed by nerve conduction study. Tricep injury is common in weight lifters

You mentioned a shoulder injury. This can result in a brachial plexus injury. “The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that conducts signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand. Brachial plexus injuries are caused by damage to those nerves. Symptoms may include a limp or paralyzed arm; lack of muscle control in the arm, hand, or wrist; and a lack of feeling or sensation in the arm or hand.   Brachial plexus injuries can occur as a result of shoulder trauma, tumors, or inflammation.  There is a rare syndrome called Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, or brachial plexitis, which causes inflammation of the brachial plexus without any obvious shoulder injury.  This syndrome can begin with severe shoulder or arm pain followed by weakness and numbness.”

Please consult a neurologist if possible. Else discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.

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