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Shakiness, Ears Crackling, Middle-Right Back pain, Sore Joints, and occ...
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Shakiness, Ears Crackling, Middle-Right Back pain, Sore Joints, and occasional fast heart beats

  For a little over a month, i have been experiencing these weird symptoms. I started off getting pains in what i thought were my lungs whenever I took deep breaths, but it seems to be coming more from the middle part of my right back side. When I apply pressure in the spot it feels sore. After two weeks I went to and urgent care and talked to a docter and he seemed to have thought I was funny and told me it was most likely just a back pain and prescribed me 800mg ibuprofen. They did not help. They just made my stomach ache. After about three weeks I had started feeling shaky more than average. My hands cannot sit still. My legs seem to feel very weak and shaky as well. I am at week 5 and not my joints are starting to hurt on my wrists. My neck feels constantly sore and my ears crackle when I swallow. I am not a hypochondriac and I try to stay away from going to the doctors, but when I tell someone that I have these symptoms they think I'm over reacting. They don't understand that its scaring me and when my hearts beats faster than normal and seems to ache I dont find it funny like them. I really hope that someone can give me one perfect answer because I have turned all around and cant find anything. Online I put in my symptoms but I have so many that I have a broad quantity of symptoms. Please help...
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thats how i feel when i have a real bad GERD attack my ears feel like im on a plane i often think my reflux is so bad that it reaches my ear cavities as i know it goes into my nose by night.heart beats faster an feels like its a bit lumbered sometimes.fluttering my right hand shoulder blade aches so bad sometimes i cant turn my neck.it can feel like bad flu symptoms extremely stressful.the pain killers will make these gerd symptoms worse(if it is reflux)pain killers and anti inflamitories largely increase stomach acid and should be totally avoided.try over thae counter zantac it wont do you any harm and may work.
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I am not a doctor and I don't know your complete set of symptoms or how they came.  So all I can do is give my best guess.  

First if you take the 800mg ibuprofen make sure you eat something with it.  Pain medicine can really tear up your stomach which could have been the cause of your stomach pain.

Breathing pain is a good focal point - this can be from lungs, muscle, bone, nerve, or blood.  The lungs are probably fine as you have already come to that conclution and unless you have brusing you can cancel out the blood.  Unless you have swelling on the one side and can remember hitting your back really hard, it wouldn't be a broken bone.  Now since your pain has traveled over your body making your joints ache as well this seems to agree with muscle and nerve.

This may seem a little far fetched but you don't have average symptoms, so here goes.  My guess is that it all started with a pulled muscle causing the breathing pain.  Then as the muscle started to heal it formed a knot in you back which can easily push on or pinch a nerve.  Once that happens it tends to spread from the tenseness of your muscle because whether you were aware or not, nerve pain makes you tense up.  This can spread over the body quickly.  The tense muscles can cause you to feel shaky after not being tended to and the shakyness adds onto the stress that the muscles are already putting on your joints.  For the grand finale...when you are all tensed up you jaw muscles tighten too causing you to hear that clicking or crakling when you swallow from your joints in your jaw.

My recommendation - take a nice warm bath and treat yourself to a massage.  Get the knotts out and relax.
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I don't pretend to be a doctor, but your list of symptoms sound so very familiar to me because you could be describing me.  Whether or not you have what I have or have something similar, please DO NOT let doctors make you feel as if you are a hypochondriac or that you are exaggerating the things wrong with you.  What you are feeling is real to you, therefore they are things that should not be ignored just because one or two doctors think there is nothing wrong. Keep going to doctors until you find a good one who will investigate your symptoms and find out what is wrong.  I went to doctors for 5 years before finding one that took the time to listen to my LONG list of complaints.  After she did numerous test, of which none had ever been done before, she diagnosed me with 5 Autoimmune Diseases along with Fibromyalgia and other diseases that no one had taken the time to find before.  Thanks to this wonderful doctor and her care and concern for me, I now have a life again.  She not only takes care of my medical needs, but sends me elsewhere to GOOD doctors, who specializes in the particular problem that I am having.  She helped me find my sleep doctor, neurologist, pain clinic, and gastrointerologist. (Not sure how to spell that word.)  After suffering my stroke, she found someone who could follow up with the care that she does not specialize in.  This is what you need.  Someone who listens and doesn't brush you off.  I had been going to the same doctor for 30 years but after he told me that Fibromyalgia was something in the head, not a real disease, I never went back.  He was NOT the doctor I needed to take care of me.  Your doctor is important and the right one, who supports you, is even more so.

Another piece of advice that I will give is to take your care into your own hands as much as possible.  You did the right thing by coming on here and asking questions of fellow members.  Don't leave your total care up to your doctor who only sees you for an average of 5 to 10 minutes.  You live with yourself 24 hours a day and by researching, can ask your doctor questions about things that you have found in your research.  By doing this, I found out what I thought was wrong with me and discussed why I thought this, with my doctor.  She agreed and after performing tests, found me to be correct.  After my stroke, research led my husband to find me the doctor who I needed to help me during my rehabilitation.  I would not be where I am today, if it were not for that research.  A lot of people leave their total care to the doctor, but I say research on your own also.  Taking your care into your hands, often leads you to the doctor you need or your doctor finding the thing that is wrong with you.

I apologize for the lengthiness of this answer, but I feel for what you are going through and want you to be able to find out what is wrong.  Look up Autoimmune Diseases, Fibromyalgia, etc. and see if the symptoms are something you might want to discuss with your doctor.  Please do not ignore your symptoms though.  They are real and do not let ANYONE tell you differently!!

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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
You probably have Scalene  Myofascial Pain Syndrome. When scalene muscle is the cause of pain, the pain is referred to chest, inner lining of scapula (back pain and sore point you have), shoulder, posterior and lateral sides of the arm right up to the thumb and index finger. When this muscle shortens, this can press on brachial plexus and the subclavian artery and can compress or irritate these structures and cause symptoms such as abnormal sensation, cold extremity, claudication, and lymphedema in the involved extremity. This can also result in shakiness. A physiotherapist or chiropractor can help you with this.
Apart from this get Vit B12 and Vit D levels, diabetes and thyroid profile done.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.  Do consult your doctor. Take care!

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Sounds like the typical docootr of the many that I have seen.

Try this:
Start by taking 1/4 teaspoon with a 500 mg tab. of Vit C on day one(this is one dose). Day two take (2) doses...day 3 (3) doses and so forth until dose (6). And keep note of what happens to your body good or bad. Then get back to me and let me know. Make sure you take plenty of water throughout the day. Make sure you also spread out each dose each day. 2-3-4 hours apart depending on haw many doses you take.

This should help
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