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Sharp, electrical shock like, fleeting pain in neck
I have two stints in my heart... done in '99.  Just so you know a little of my background.  My question is in regards to this un-scheduled, totally surprise pain in my neck that strongly
resembles the feeling you would get if someone pricked you with
something or perhaps being snapped by a rubber band it that spot.
It happens on both sides, about an inch below my ear and another inch then, kinda behind my ears.  Happens on both sides, no warning, so fast, its gone by the time I utter ouch.  It does hurt
quite a bit and I do actuall yell ouch each time.  Does it on both
sides but mostly on my left.  My concern is if this may be related
to what they call mini strokes or something.  I am a canidate for
stroke due to heridity (at least thats what my heart doc said).  He said how I age had nothing to do with my situation, strictly genitic and nothing I can do about it cept NOT add to it in my
life style.
Oh and I just recalled. I beleive it causes me to jerk my neck a tad when it hits.  Sure would like to know what it is.  Its a hard one to remember when its not going on and is soooo fast.
Thanks, lainey
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