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Sharp right side head pains , dizzyness, blurry sight ?
I have this pain the the back right side of my head, and i have been reading up about it on the interent all over, and i dont know what it is.
At the moment i am wating for my health card since it experd a few weeks ago.
I was sick a few weeks ago and i threw up and ended up with the ragging stabbing pain threw the top of my head and i was screaming and in pain for about a half n hour when it went down. After that i started to get sharp pains that lsted about a minute or a few then they'd go away.
the past few days the pain has been going on all day and i try to put pressure on it to stop but it won't , i'm taking advil and it sint working.
It's only in the right side of my head and i dont know if i should just pay to get it check out or wait the 2 months when i get my health card but it just seems to be getting worse....
i'm started to get dizzy and blurry eyed as well.
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