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Should I continue pursuing thyroid diagnosis or go in another direction?

I honestly don't know where to start as my symptoms are seemingly all over the place. First, I will be 19 in just a few weeks and I am a natural worrier - I worry about a lot of things, even when there's no need. Not chronically, by no means. But, I do worry. I had my thyroid tested about a year and a half ago due to missing periods (3-4 months), being tired, etc., as I have a family history of thyroid problems. My doctor told me that as long as I wasn't pregnant, she wasn't worried about me missing periods since my CBC was fine and my thyroid levels were in the 'normal' range. She told me I was probably depressed - something that I'm pretty positive is not the case here. My periods started up again and were fairly regulated, so I kind of just chalked up my missed periods to me stressing out about my last year of high school, college plans, etc. However, being tired DID persist. I blamed that on my full days of school + the CNA program that I was in. Over the course of the past year I guess, me being tired all the time is growing more and more. Within the last month, I have begun having periods where I just get SO hot. Sometimes to the point where I feel like I'm having trouble breathing. When this happens, I can have fans blowing on me on the highest setting - I feel the air blowing on me, but it doesn't cool me down. The temperature is definitely an internal thing. I don't seem to sweat when this happens, but I'm also trying to wear the most lightweight clothing possible. Along with this, I'm having random chest pains throughout the day. Usually it is on the left side of my chest, I honestly don't know how to best describe this pain. Along with this, for several months now I have been experiencing mood swings. Sometimes, I will get so angry over the smallest thing and just freak out. (I'm a very sensitive person, so rage etc. is not like me at all). I am honestly embarrassed by the way that I act sometimes. And when I know something is getting to me, I try to keep from getting angry but for some reason I just can't control this. I also have times where my legs feel really weak and tired, or achey (achy). Headaches are pretty persistent as well. I have also begun to have troubles with my periods again - only this time they are heavy and cause major cramping. I also am experiencing a bit of insomnia - I can be extremely tired, but just cannot sleep. When I do get to sleep, I do not wake up feeling rested and I seem to get my best sleep during the day time, from like early morning hours to about 12 pm.

I went to the doctor after I started overheating once my parents were sitting in a room with me and I could barely stand to just SIT there because I was so hot. After describing everything to the doctor, she said that it definitely sounded like a hormonal thing - and agreed that testing for hyperthyroidism was a good idea. She also referred me to a gynecologist, and prescribed a birth control pill as a way to try to regulate my periods and some of the moodiness. My CBC came back fine once again, and my thyroid results were fine. (TSH, T3, T4). However, my doctor came and felt my neck and said "oh yeah, your thyroids huge!" they scheduled an ultrasound of the area, and everything came back fine for that as well..?

I have encountered many, many people that have had their thyroid tested with 'normal' results, yet it turns out through further testing or other ways, they are finally diagnosed. I have been really thinking that my problem was due to my thyroid, but I honestly just don't know what to think anymore. The doctor referred me to an endocrinologist, but couldn't get me in anywhere until the end of August. I DO have an appt at the regular doctor in a few weeks to see if my levels have changed enough for them to speed up my appt there.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has anything that just sticks out at them - some place I should start. I don't know if all of my symptoms are related or if there are other things.

This may not be needed, but I was diagnosed with acid reflux when I was younger. While I do struggle sometimes with this, it is nowhere near as bad as it could be. My main issues are usually nausea, but there aren't any specific foods that I can really tell trigger anything for me. I had a really hard time back when I was diagnosed with this - no doctors could figure out what it was...I'm remembering this experience now and I'm beginning to worry that this is going to go on and on and I'm going to have a really difficult time finding out what's going on now.

I have read many places that anxiety can cause the weird feeling in the arm - I don't feel anxious when this is happening, though. I mentioned it to my parents, and they suggest carpal tunnel.

I know that I need to go back to the doctor and really try and figure this out. I'm just feeling really bummed and since there are so many possibilities, I'm feeling pretty helpless as to where I should begin.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry this is so long and scattered!
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     It truly does sound like a thyroid problem on top of a hormone dysfunction.
      There really isn't much one can do but wait for the appointment with the endocrinologist.
      Take the birth control pills to see if they regulate you periods.  they should also stop the cramping and abdominal pain you feel.
     Meanwhile, you can help yourself by starting to take Prenatal vitamins.  Yes, I know you aren't pregnant.  But they are the most complete as they are made to keep a fetus healthy. -  They no doubt, would help you get healthy, too.
      Some chamomile tea should help with your nerves and mood swings.

Best wishes
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Thank you. I actually used to take a prenatal vitamin since they are so complete, but I'm now taking those new centrum complete chewy multivitamins. It's nice to hear from someone else that they believe that is what is going on.

As for the tea, is there any type you could recommend? The only problem I have with that is that I'm so hot, so it'd be hard to find a time where I would be cool enough to drink a tea. :/
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There is no reason why you can't make it iced tea.  Any tea can be drunk cold with ice.  Doesn't have to be black tea. -  I like iced green tea and iced raspberry tea.  I just thought the Chamomile would be relaxing and help you with the mood swings.

Some of your symptoms also sound like Fibromyalgia, but I would wait to ask the doctor what he/she thinks.    Fibromyalgia doesn't wait for any particular age - I remember having "growing pains" when I was 14.  My grandmother would stay up with me rubbing my legs with witch hazel or volcanic oil to help me endure the pain.
     I have a friend who was in the low normal range for her thyroid.  The doctors didn't want to do anything as it was "low normal".  She insisted that they treat her and the difference was from night to day... She started feeling better and had more energy.
    I always say the doctors are "practicing medicine".  They don't know everything and sometimes they need a little push - after all, who knows your body better?

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That is so true!!!

And as far as the tea, I have no idea why I wasn't thinking about the fact that I can drink it cold.

I've thought about fibromyalgia, I just didn't know how well my symptoms matched those of fibromyalgia.

I was able to reschedule my appt for tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes with some further blood tests.  
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It turns out that my free T3 and free T4 levels are both normal.

I was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, though.

Now, we are waiting for testing for my LSH, etc. levels to come back to determine the possibility of me having polycystic ovary syndrome as well. Depending on those levels, I may be having an ovarian ultrasound within the next week.

Other conditions we are looking into are fibromyalgia and lupus, though since POTS is an autonomic thing, all of my symptoms COULD be because of this.

I am honestly so scared
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I am so sorry that this is happening to you.... It sounds like you're in good hands, though.  Really, this doctor seems to be doing his/her job and taking good care of you.  That's all we can expect of a physician.  

I hope that your other levels are okay and the rest of your lab work.  I hate waiting for results, don't you?

All I hope and pray for is that they find what's going on and that they are able to resolve it.    Even if you have to take meds the rest of your life - just so you can have a life!  I can imagine that your mood swings and anger are because you just plain don't feel well.  I get crabby when I'm sick or in pain, too.  But, I try to control it around other people - I smile and try to be pleasant.  (You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar)  Old saying meaning you have more friends if you're pleasant than if you're a sour puss.

Please take care of yourself and let me know what the doctors say.  I care.
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Thank you so much, that means the world to me!

Yes, I absolutely hate waiting for results. And that's true, while I would hate to be on medications for the rest of my life, it sure beats constantly not feeling well!

I also try to control it around other people - unfortunately, I can't always do that around my family :(

I think the biggest problems with my moods, for me, is that I end up feeling so guilty for how I acted. I've always been so tenderhearted and caring, so this is kind of unusual for me. haha.

But again, thank you so much. I will post again what I find out more. It's nice to be able to talk about all of this, seems that not everyone around me can always understand what's going on. So thank you for caring, it means the world to me!
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Yeah, I feel guilty when I mess up and get a little mean.  It is harder to control it around family... after all I guess we feel like, you know me... I can't help it.  But, I really need to "help" it.  I live with my Mom who is 94 - and I can't be mean to her.

I try to be nice to my daughter, but she exasperates me sometimes... LOL  We are probably too close and we get on each others' nerves! :D  

I will be gone most of tomorrow - CT scan of my abdomen.  Something going on and I need to find out.  I am on the next thing after Nexium and still having pain!  I think it's my liver, Doc thinks it's my kidney.  - Will know soon enough, I hope...

So, I'll be on here later in the evening.
Have a good night and sleep well.
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Sooooo.... Doctor thinks its depression now since ultrasound was normal. she was CONVINCED that it was PCOS and now that it isn't, it's surely depression! So she and my mom scheduled an appt today for me to be put on meds for depression.

I'm sorry it took so long for any response, I had to wait til this past Friday for the ultrasound and then today she called with results.

So apparently now I have to take antidepressants and see how I feel. And still wait until the end of August to see an endocrinologist. I'm supposed to go to the gynecologist on this Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm still convinced that this is hormonal. My chest pains etc aren't related to anxiety or anything, they happen randomly. And my arm is always tingly or painful.. Maybe there's something going on in my spinal column?

I also want to know her explanation for the internal temperature being so off.

Ugh, I'm so frustrated!!!
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     Aggghhhh!  How frustrating for you!!  It does sound hormonal to some extent.... but not all.  And depression?  I guess we all get that... I was put on Zoloft, but I'm kinda stubborn and take it "as needed" as I am not always depressed ---- not saying you should follow suit! NO way!

Everybody is different and i sincerely hope the meds the doctor gives you will truly help you.

I got the results of my CT scan - a small hiatal hernia!! Can you beat that?  I thought for sure my liver was messed up - the pain can get so bad sometimes!!

And the DXA shows I have Osteoporosis now.  The doctor gave me Evista and I can't take it!! Makes me so dizzy and nauseous!  I threw up the second day on it - so she wants me to try taking it at night .... I will wait until tomorrow night to try it.  But, I'm telling you, if it makes me throw up, that's the end of it.  I won't take something that doesn't agree with my body!

I hope the birth control pills help -  it's so hard to live with pain, frustration, and mood swings!!  I know you want to be a cool, calm and collected person.  You sound like a sweetheart underneath it all - or you wouldn't be seeking help...  Wishing you all the best
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Wow, that sure sounds like a lot going on for you as well! I've read a lot about the hiatal hernias and know they can cause a lot of problems.

I don't blame you for not taking something your body doesn't agree with - I wouldn't want to either!

I hope everything works out - let me know how all of this goes.

The doctor ended up not prescribing anything today except for prevacid to help with the acid reflux. She's supposed to consult with the gynecologist and then go from there - mentioned switching me to another birth control pill to see if that helps in any way.

And you're right - that is how I want to be. That's how I've always been, so it's really hard adjusting to this new person.
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         You touched my heart!  <3  I hope the new birth control pills really help.  Be sure to give yourself at least 3 months to adjust to them.  Each kind is formulated just a little different because all women are not created equal!  Ha ha... We are equal, just not the same..

I do hope that it is just a hormone issue - and I sincerely hope the Previcid works for you.  Eating pickles and sauerkraut also helps with acid reflux - believe it or not.  Hope you get it under control soon.  It is so frustrating to belch and have the pain follow it!  

           I feel for you... Best wishes
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PS  Was thinking about the Tachycardia - maybe that's what makes you feel so warm... it can't be "relaxing" to have your heart beat so fast...  Didn't the doctors put you on any medication to slow down your heartbeat?  Or do they figure it's okay for you?  Just wondering.
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They actually checked my orthstatic blood pressure/pulse again yesterday and she said that to her, the difference really isn't enough to make her feel like it is something that we should pursue.

I'm really wondering if I need to see a cardiologist, though... Even though the EKG there was normal. If there's something going on with my heart, it's certainly possible that that is what's causing the fatigue. I truly think it's hormonal - worsening acne along my jawline, these temperature irregularities... I just don't know, since all of the testing they have done so far has come back normal.

As for the leg pain, I had something going on that we thought was nerve related a few years back. Doctors never figured it out - even went to physical therapy. I got to the point where I knew it just wasn't doing it for me, so I stopped going. It has given me problems off and on ever since, but I learned to live with it. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with my legs bothering me, possibly along with a poor circulation issue? And maybe other pains can be attributed to the fact that I'm really not active anymore.

And certainly my moods could be affected with my heart rate being irregular.. I don't know, I just feel like we're missing something.

Something else kind of strange (sorry, kind of TMI) -- the end of April, right after my period I thought that I had a yeast infection. I have never been formally diagnosed with one, but my mom got me the monistat 1 day treatment. I treated myself before bedtime and within a few hours, I woke up because I was extremely itchy and it burned. I finally got back to sleep, and within a day or two I was no longer itchy. The next month, the same thing happened - but right BEFORE my period this time. I had read about a girl that swore by lots of acidophilus as a yeast infection cure. I took 3 daily for a few days, along with topical itch creams... and the itchiness was gone! Within a week or so, I decided that taking the acidophilus would be a good idea to try and regulate my bowel movements. Soooo... I started taking one daily. This was June. And you know what? NO ITCHINESS BEFORE PERIOD! (I didn't even think about it then, though!)

Probably about 3 weeks ago now, I visited the dr that is now discussing depression. She told me that while it wouldn't hurt, she really didn't think the acidophilus would help regulate me. I stopped taking it, and surely enough.. right before my period this time, I got itchy.

I know that many times, women can get itchy before/after periods because of the changing hormones.. I wonder if all of this is related to all of the other things going on though? The temperature irregularities and such.
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     How frustrating for you!  Doctors don't know everything and if the Acidophilus was working for you take it!  I take 4 Billion active cultures and I give our cat 1 million.  I take so many because I don't know how long the bottle has been sitting on the shelf before I buy it.  So some of the good bacteria die and we need more than "prescribed".     Probiotics are always a good idea, they not only prevent fungal infections, but sometimes they can cure it.  Whenever we take antibiotics, we need more probiotics than ever before as the antibiotics kill off the friendly bacteria along with the bad.

As for the cat, he was on laxatives and hated it - I had to catch him to force it down his throat!  Now I just put some powdered Acidolphilus in his food and he loves it!  No more laxatives and he "goes" just fine.   Probiotics DO regulate you... and do a better job than taking a stool softener. And if it stops your pre-menstrual itching, so much the better!!  Good for you!

As for the acne, I am a firm believer in Zinc.  I had a friend who was getting married a month later and had terrible acne.  I recommended Zinc to her and although she was insulted and offended, she tried it.  She was acne free on her wedding day and thanked me so much... LOL    (My second husband also had terrible acne and I gave him Zinc - cleared it right up.)

        I think I would ask the doctor for a print out of my EKG and take it to a cardiologist to let him determine if medication is necessary.    If your heart is okay, we can celebrate... if not, at least you can start taking care of it now.    My youngest daughter was put on Lopressor when she was 5 or 6 ... she outgrew her heart "problem" and is fine now.  Just saying....

           thanks to your Mom and Dad for being so understanding of you - really.  

         i took another Evista last night and am feeling puny... yucky actually.  

       Please take care and thank you for updating me.  I truly do care and apparently so do your parents!  <3
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I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling yucky!

So, no depression! But they do feel that I'm anxious.. which, I really am when I get worked up about something. But for some reason, I don't think that is entirely what's going on here. She did prescribe something for when I'm feeling kind of anxious.. however, it makes me sleepy! (which I certainly need NO help with)

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist but the doctor I saw really doesn't seem to think that's going to do much good. So I'm really wondering if I should see a cardiologist. Hearing about your daughter really makes me wonder...

They switched my birth control pill to something much more consistent than what I was originally put on. It's been about 3 days now.. call me crazy, but I kind of feel like it has already made a bit of a different emotionally. I also don't think that my episodes of getting so incredibly hot are anywhere near as bad or as often!

Maybe I should switch back to the acidophilus. I just can't bring myself to take the stool softener every day - mixing it with drinks and all.

I'm having less chest pain as well. I think I went a day without any at all - but I did have a bit last night. I don't know whether to contribute that to the acid reflux or to something else. My arm tingly actually did go away for about a day as well. It was still sore, but not tingling. But today, it's back.

I'm also wondering.... maybe I have a sleeping disorder of some sort. I don't really have trouble getting to sleep, maybe you wouldn't even consider it trouble staying asleep. But I do think that I'm a pretty restless sleeper. I wake up a lot trying to get in a comfortable position, and I'm always so tired when I do wake up. I'm wondering if something about the way I sleep is putting a strain on my spinal column or something? May be far fetched, but I think that that could explain the arm pain.

And back to what you said, zinc huh? I've never heard of that! I'm using the clinique acne solutions line (except for the wash - I use a neutrogena wash) and it has definitely helped but I'm kind of feeling like I usually do - like I've gotten to a standstill. It worked for a while but I've kind of reached a stopping point. I do need to give the birth control a chance to kick in and hopefully make a difference! Right now, I'm taking biotin (which I have taken for a while now, don't think it makes a huge difference) as well as fish oil. I've head a lot about fish oil helping to clear up skin, so I started taking that to see if it'd make a difference. How much zinc would you recommend?

Thank you so much for taking your time to talk about this with me. It truly means the world to me! You are so sweet and I'm very thankful that you are taking your time to discuss this and suggest things and tell me about yourself! :)
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       It's a pleasure to "chat" with you and exchange advice and ideas.
        One 50 mg tablet of Zinc a day is all that is really necessary.  Some people get acne on their back and it's difficult to see and take care of.  Zinc does the job.
       I take Zinc just because I know it's good for me.  I take lots of supplements - because I'm getting older (LOL)  old actually.  I'm 69 but very young at heart and don't look my age - partially due to the fact that I do take so many supplements!   My Mom is 94 and in better health than I am.  She takes only 5 supplements a day.
        You might try taking a Melatonin supplement to help you sleep.  You only need 1 mg. just before bed.    Even my 8 year old grand daughter takes it - she's an insomniac as am I.   It seems to run in our family.  
      When we discovered Melatonin it was an answer to prayer!  Sleep, restful sleep.   I have Fibromyalgia and the Melatonin has helped me more than the drugs the doctor prescribed (Trazodone, Amitriptyline, etc.)  The drugs left me groggy and out of it the next day.
        I also take fish oil for the Omega 3's.  It keeps the skin supple and smooth.
        Just to help allay your worry about your heart, it would be good for your parents to help you see a cardiologist - at least once.  Your chest pains might go away with the Melatonin, though.  (I have heart trouble and a prescription for nitro - but I hardly ever have to use it!  Good thing, too, because it causes the worst migraine ever!) :D  -

       I hope and pray that things work out for you.  Sounds like you and your doctor are on the right track!  Thank goodness your doctor is the type to listen to you.  Be sure to thank her/him for that as well.   Finding a good doctor that you are happy with is so important nowadays.  So many won't listen and start to write the prescription as soon as you walk in the door (almost).

          As always, wishing you the best,   Silverfox
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I've done some researching, and I see that the fish oil can cause acid reflux issues. I've stopped taking that, it's been about 2 days now.

I've had a bowel movement 5 different times today - and haven't taken the stool softener in probably at least 3 days. I just seem to switch back and forth from constipation to diarrhea.

I'm trying to pay closer attention to my acid issues to see if there are any specific things that contribute or make it worse. I really don't drink a lot of soft drinks, and when I do they are generally caffeine free. However, I have decided to stop on soft drinks all together (which I should have done a long time ago!) I plan on drinking mainly water, with occasional juices, teas, etc. but to mainly just drink water. It will be extremely beneficial and will hopefully contribute to some weight loss (yay!)

Isn't it crazy how you can chat with someone for a while and never have a clue how old they are? I really enjoy it, haha. Hearing from others is always interesting to me, and I love to learn more and more.

One thing I remember: I think it was probably about a year and a half ago I had a physical before I could start my CNA class. I mentioned the fact that one of my hips is different than the other - bigger, slightly higher, etc.
The doctor (which is actually one of the ones I have been seeing now) looked at it; although she said she didn't see a huge difference (I was wearing jeans and just pulled my shirt up, so it was less noticeable)
she did say that I had slight scoliosis.

In the past day or so, I thought about that... Scoliosis tends to get worse over time, even if you aren't growing a whole lot. I didn't think anything about it at the time - I never contributed all the problems I was having with my leg to it. But now that I thought about it....
It causes back/neck pains, tingly arms/legs, pains in arms/legs, fatigue, irritability.. not to mention uneven shoulders and hips, assymetrical breasts/differing size.. which I definitely have. Also! Sleep disturbances!!

I don't want to see the same doctor I've been seeing, though.. since she thinks I worry so much, she may not take me completely seriously.
I don't know if I should try to see someone specializing in spinal issues or what. I don't know what insurance will cover. Maybe a chiropractor, and I've heard that yoga can do a lot of good - maybe it will become my new obsession!  

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      Whatever you decide, I hope it works for you!  A good chiropractor will take x-rays before he begins to manipulate your spine/bones.  He would probably pick up on your scoliosis immediately.  
     My daughter has scoliosis, but wasn't born with it - a horse rolled over her, breaking her back.  She's been "crooked"  ever since.  Everytime she gets a back x-ray they pick up on it and ask her if she was born with it!  Funny....
      I don't have scoliosis, but one leg is slightly fatter than the other!!! LOL   sorry, I get silly sometimes.  Hope you appreciate a sense of humor!! :D
     My daughter has a lot of health problems also - she takes Trazodone to help her sleep.  She gets upset with me when I try to introduce her to a new supplement... but I'm just trying to help...
   My mother is 94 and is taking the supplements that I recommended to her.  But, she thinks the doctor told her to take them.  - She is losing her memory so we ordered Huperzia aka HUP A.  She has just started taking it, so we'll see if it helps spark the neurons in her brain.  She is so afraid that she'll get dementia like her sister.
       OK - my turn for tmi!   LOL :D
   Let me know what you decide - I truly care and am highly interested in knowing how your fare!

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I really don't know what to do. I don't want to go back to the doctor I have been seeing, I haven't gotten the answers I'm looking for. I'm in a spot where I feel, again, that I have to do all of my own research and help myself, since it seems like I can't really get a doctor to help me.

I know I sound so whiny, I just really don't like feeling bad every day.

So, an update: I went to the gyno yesterday to get treated for a yeast infection - got a prescription and hopefully all will be well within the next few days. He told me that looking at my chart, he would definitely keep the endo appt. I'm wondering if they will even be able to find anything there, though. I'm still having the "hot flashes" - my external can even be sort of cold, but I'm still hot internally. I'm getting cold easily as well. I don't know if the birth control is doing a whole lot - of course, I have to give it more time to know. My moods are a bit different, however. I get mad easily still, but I'm not staying mad. I get sad pretty quickly - and can cry buckets... And it is over the smallest, silliest things. The thing is, I can look back and am aware that it happens, but I can't stop the moods from happening. It's so strange and unlike me. My poor boyfriend! - LOL. He has to deal with me the most in those times - it makes me feel pretty bad.

What's really going on now, along with the temperature irregularities (which totally seems hormonal to me - but I don't know just what it is?) is that my back, arms, and legs hurt. It seems to be neurological to me - like something originating in either my neck or my back and affecting arms, legs. I don't know if it is scoliosis or something else - and don't know exactly who to see about it. I think it'd be better to have a referral to a chiropractor, but I don't know. Also, just that I am always sleepy. I wake up feeling unrested - I can fall into a deep sleep in the early morning hours and then just stay asleep until early afternoon. Last night was the worst sleep I have had - maybe ever. Tossing and turning all night, extremely uncomfortable. Something is definitely disrupting my sleep. I don't really have a problem falling asleep - it honestly seems like I'm just not getting good sleep. But I have no idea what the cause is, and it is frustrating me.

My acid reflux is awful - I sometimes just get super hungry, super fast. Tends to happen the most on Sunday mornings - the mornings that I am up early getting ready for church. I always have to go get something small to eat while getting ready to hold me over before breakfast.
I am to the point that I don't even WANT to eat anymore, but I do because I know I have to. I say this because every time I eat, I feel nauseous - no matter what I eat. Sometimes I do vomit, but generally it is just nausea. I eat (get full quickly, so I never eat much at a time), stay nauseous for a while, and then I'm hungry again. It's seemingly neverending. I've been on the Prevacid since July 22nd, so I guess I need to give it some more time. I don't know if the acid reflux and my bowel issues have anything to do with each other at all. I CAN go - and sometimes go quite a few times a day. I just don't go a lot any of those times. I feel better taking acidophilus than I did when I was taking the miralax. But still not better.

I'm thinking about going to a small clinic - "urgent care" but mostly, people go for colds etc. I think I'm catching something else! Been sneezing quite a bit, sinus-type headaches, a sort of stuck-in-throat feeling, and my voice is kind of scratchy, lol. Maybe I will mention the acid reflux and possibly even the scoliosis thing there.

I hate being such a downer all the time :( I just want answers! As far as the anxiety, I realize when I am anxious, so it isn't something that is affecting me all the time. OCD - I AM obsessing over figuring out what is wrong, but that's because I have a drive. When I get something in my mind, I pursue it until I figure it out. Lol.

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     Hello,  I am so sorry to hear that your problems persist.  I was hoping that the doctor had been able to help you.

     Sounds like Anorexa Nervosa - my daughter has it.  Takes some time to get over it... she was on  Lorazapam.  She says if you can get 18 bites in a 24 hour period you are doing good.  She was also telling me that she can't chew gum because it makes her nauseous.   She even gags when she brushes her teeth!
  She takes Weight Gainer through a straw so it won't make her throw up.  She is trying to gain weight.
             Hope this info helps you, Kristaleann.
My daughter says her heart goes out to you....
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   Hi - haven't heard from you in a while.  
Was reading about TMI and TMJ and found that often its caused by an infected tooth!!  Do you still have silver (amalgam) fillings?
     I have had all but one replaced.  Need to do that soon.   - Seems the muscles in our jaw contract in "anger" because they can't get rid of the infection in a tooth or the gum.  The spasm then causes our jaw to move just enough to cause us pain when chewing or eating.
         I am upset that a dentist last year put a post under a crown and it is giving me fits!  I need that piece of metal removed.  I hate going to the dentist, but I will have to get it done in Sept. as my plate is full for August.
       Hope we get well soon!!
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OOOOOOps!  Is my face red!!  YOu are not the person with TMJ!!  Sorry!  Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to have your silver fillings changed if you have any!  LOL
     Guess I got my channels mixed up!!  :D  
Call it a "senior moment"!   I've been getting confused lately - my Fibromyalgia is flaring up with the monsoon season - gives me fog brain.   Hate it - I make more mistakes when the weather changes this way.  Cloud cover seems to cloud the brain!!! LOL
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Hello, been reading up on your posts here with Silverfox. Since you are a CNA, it would be a good idea for you to search on Magnesium Deficiency.
I think it could definitely help with several of your issues, if not all of them.

Mg Taurate is a good supplement choice for you to take.. It is one of the easiest to absorb form of Mg. Inexpensive and available on line. Its a healthy supplement, take it with Vit D. The Mg in multivit. is not enough.
Mg will help you relax, get a better rested sleep, help with anxiety issues, anger issues , Mg would regulate your temper. Mg Taurate is also the best Mg to help regulate heart beats and chest discomfort. Take it as the bottle says. Give it time to work .

Most of your said symptoms are signs of Mg deficiency. We lose Mg thru our daily life stresses, like school, not sleeping well. stress of driving, taking meds, drinking coffee, or alcohol. It needs to be replaced daily and our food as you know is not enough to be source of our nutrient needs.
Mg has to always be supplemented. Try it. I encourage you to read up on it. It has done so much help for my family's issues, I am so thankful. I hope it will do the same for you. Such a simple mineral but it could do so much help for you.
"The Magnesium Miracle" of Dr Carolyn Dean is an excellent reading.
Take care.
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Hi kristaleann.

Wow. You are sure getting your share of health challenges.
This is turning out to be a wild goose chase.

Please!!!! Find a doctor who will treat you for hypothyroid, based on the symptoms and NOT what the blood levels show. You can have all the
thyroid hormones in your blood, yet if your cells cannot use them you are still hypothyroid!!
When your treatment is inadequate or totally ineffective this puts huge pressure on your adrenals and if this has been going on for some time. then you may also have adrenal dysfunction.

Stress, anxiety, synthetic thyroid meds, prolonged inflammation put a huge weight on the adrenals with dire consequences over time.
This can lead to low hormone levels of cortisol, which is used in many important processes, like reducing inflammation, stress etc, but very interesting in this discussion is the key role that cortisol plays in T3 thyroid hormone to be delivered from the blood into the cells.
So low cortisol=Impaired thyroid hormone to the cells (where it's needed for
mitochondrial function/energy production)

Therefore the thyroid hormone accumulates in the blood and showing up
in your tests as high, with persisting hypo symptoms, or if on natural thyroid may show hyper symptoms, not consistent with the normal intake of natural thyroid, which is caused really by low cortisol levels.

You may want to re-read this a few times, as here lie possibly some of the answers you're looking for!

To my opinion this is the FIRST and most important aspect of your health
that is SCREAMING to be brought back to balance.
Adrenals and then thyroid- in this order and NOT the other way around!

Of course deficiencies in essential nutrients and minerals cannot be ignored, low acid -common with hypothyroidism- causes acid reflux more commonly than excess acid!!!
Hypothyroid can  cause slower motility, weakened sprinchter muscle (at the end of the esophagous) resulting in acid reflux symptoms.
Low acid also means possible impaired thyroid hormone assimilation.
Acne, was this mentioned here? is another hypoT symptom.

Please DO NOT take any meds for various symptoms- I know there a lot well meaning members here- but you need to treat your adrenals FIRST,
and once this is done you get your doctor to treat you according to your hypoT symptoms and NOT the blood levels-I repeat myself purposely!!!
With natural desiccated  Thyroid only and starting with a low dose and gradually increase as needed every 6-8 weeks-this is how long it takes to work into the system.
  Most of your symptoms are likely attributed to hypothyroid and.adrenal dysfunction (as a consequence).

This is a bit complex, but it's not a real issue for you.
The real issue is to find a GREAT doctor who is both knowledgeable and
WILLING to treat you properly!!!

If you want your health and your life back please look into all this information carefully. Time is of importance as your adrenal dysfunction
may be causing further damage, so ideally you should pursue this the earliest possible!

You may pm me personally, if you feel overwhelmed with all this
and I can try to answer any questions you may have or explain further anything that is not clear to you.

Note that this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Wishing you well.
Love & Light

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    I applaud you Niko.  Very well said.  And toourlady, I also applaud you.  I believe very much in Magnesium supplementation.
    As you can see, Kristaleann has been suffering for quite some time and I am glad to see others trying to help her. (she's like a grand daughter to me).
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You're very kind yourself and very considerate.
Our world can benefit from more people like your.

Love & Light
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Absolutely! Myself, I w0uld never recommend the BCP as it has lead to a lot of diseases, incl. C! Many studies show! As per thyroid, I suffer and am on an extreme amount of piils since 14, now 33! Maybe other endocrine issues, better to see an endocrinologist! Also test for Free T3/T4 as well as Reverse T3/T4! I am not a doctor, but since your blood counts are "negative", I highly doubt it! And symptoms relate to Hypothyroidism, not 'hyper.." Get Iodine checked, and esp. you may lack iron, which i suspect is an easy case to be solved!
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also remember, doctors are not GOD! As i waited 14 hectic years for a simple gallstone/gallbladder problem, which I was told to seek psychiatrist in end for ongoing pain even though blood cells indicative to case was raised every time! I hope you feel better! As I unfortunately have learned that one med, leads to 3, 4, 5!!!!! Be careful hun!
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          I am so sorry that it took forever for you to get diagnosed.  I know what that's like!
         I kept telling the doctors to check my iron levels - for years!!  One finally did and diagnosed Hereditary Hemochromatosis.  

         Wishing you well
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Hi, I am hypothyroid myself and in my experience as an RN x 38 years, US Doctors will not prescribe Thyroid meds unless you really need it by blood levels...
I also need thyroid support and in searching, I found this :
that taking Zinc Glutonate x 4 months will increase both T3 and T4 .

Here's the study: Zinc and the thyroid gland

According to an April 2009 study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, zinc plays an essential role in thyroid hormone function. In fact, without the presence of zinc, the thyroid gland cannot transform the inactive hormone T4 into the active hormone T3. Furthermore, the hypothalamus also requires zinc to make the hormone it uses to signal the pituitary gland to activate the thyroid. All of this means that people with insufficient zinc levels are likely to have an underactive thyroid gland. Scientists have also found that zinc plays a role in promoting the activity of the thyroid receptors located inside the body's cells.

Zinc is the second most important trace mineral in the body, surpassed only by iron. It plays an important role in immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, reproduction, growth and smell - many of the same functions as the thyroid gland. Zinc deficiency is characterized by poor wound healing, loss of appetite, weight loss and white marks on the fingernails.

Supplementation boosts hormone levels
A 2007 study conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism found that physically active female college students with zinc deficiency were able to boost zinc, T3 and T4 levels in their blood simply by taking a 26 milligram zinc supplement (in the form of zinc glutonate) for four months. Over the same time period, their resting metabolic rate (RMR) also increased, a predicted effect of increased thyroid function.

"Zinc supplementation appeared to have a favorable effect on thyroid hormone levels, particularly total T(3), and RMR," the researchers wrote.

+++++++Notably; however, zinc supplementation also appeared to lead to decreases * in serum ferritin concentrations, a measure of iron status. This suggests that zinc supplementation may lead to a drop in the body's iron levels. It is also well known that excessive zinc intake may lead to copper deficiency, which in turn can lead to a wide variety of health problems including over-absorption of T4 into the bloodstream and therefore an overactive thyroid hormone.

For these and other reasons, it is important that zinc supplementation (or any metal supplementation) be overseen by a trained health professional.


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Hi, silverfox, I have also been reading your Magnesium advise. It has been life changing for me and my family to have found Mg. Taking Mg has to be the right kind and the right amount to get the desired results.

If I remember right, did I see you say in one of your posts - you take Zinc 50 mg a day ?
Accdg. to the study above, it says that Low Ferritin level could result from excess supplementation. So your Zinc and Ferritin levels needs to be monitored by your MD with your regular blood checks if its not being done already.  
I remember your 94 YO  Mom taking all the right supplements, the secret fountain of youth.  :)
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   Thanks for letting me know - I usually only take zinc when I remember!  But I didn't know it could affect my ferritin levels.
     With hemochromatosis I need to keep an eye on it.  Actually, I haven't been back to the hemotologist in over a year... my iron levels have been pretty normal and I've been able to keep them there with diet.  Guess it's time to go see him again, though.  
     Thanks for the "head's up".
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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I had a terrible experience at a doctors office last Sunday and have just felt terrible this week. I can't really keep food down. I feel nauseous basically all the time, usually worse after eating. I sometimes get sick, however not always. I also get sick, sometimes, if I don't eat. My blood glucose levels were tested last Sunday, finally got the results back but was told it was an impossible number-said I would have been in a coma if it were true. Levels retested today - it was either 86 or 88 so that is fine.

Leukocytes were found in my urine, so I am being treated for a UTI just to be sure. I have an appt with my GP tomorrow, and a GI appt on Wednesday. Hopefully we can figure something out. I love food, I hate barely being able to eat and not keeping food down. I guess for some reason my acid reflux is just flaring up badly. The severity of the nausea seems a bit better now that I stopped taking the Prevacid, but definitely still getting sick.

I also have headaches that get worse when I lay down at night, and when I close my eyes. I read that tight neck muscles could be the cause of this, I guess we'll see. I also believe I need to get my eyes checked - the doctor I saw today suggested maybe I've got some straining issues. They have seemed dry, and sometimes I'm very out of focus. I guess I should get them checked to be sure.
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    I am so sorry that you had a bad experience!  It just seems to go on and on!  Wish I were there to give you a massage on your tight neck muscles!
     The more symptoms you mention, the more it seems to point to Lupus.  Has your doctor checked your ANA levels?  If so, what were they?  Although a high ANA level can be indicative of Lupus, it takes "forever" to get diagnosed.   Lupus hides and mimics many diseases before a doctor can be sure of his diagnosis.  among the diseases it mimics and "overtakes" or "overlaps" are Fibromyalgia, Anorexia, Connective tissue disease, Chronic Fatigue, Asthma, Arthritis, and many others... might want to look it up.
      I sincerely hope you don't have Lupus, but I also hope the doctors are able to help you in some way!  
      I can only imagine how frustrated you are - I am also in pain every day - but at least I can eat!
       I will pray for you, Kristal - perhaps our Heavenly Father will hear and answer.
      Wishing and hoping for the best....
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In hypothyroidism,  sufferers routinely become more susceptible to various viral and bacterial infections,  and those of the Respiratory and Urinary Tracts (UTIs) are more prevalent.
Also look into mucopolysaccharides accumulation in the cells because of low thyroid function. This would explain a LOT of your symptoms!

You NEED to rule thyroid dysfunction out, before moving on with other
investigations!!! I urge you to study thyroid function thoroughly.
Feel free to pm anytime as it is a  rather complex field of medicine.

Love & Light
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After many doctor visits and tons of tests, I was finally diagnosed as "very insulin resistant". I was put on metformin, and will slowly increase the dose weekly. I have changed my diet dramatically (not that I ate a whole lot before anyway) so we will see how it goes.
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Hi kristaleann.

I'm SO surprised that after all these tests, they only found out this now!
It's really a pity that something so basic, such as insulin resistance which is so prevalent, with almost one in ten people now being diagnosed with it, that this would have been one of the first things to check.
How did this escape your doctors attention from the blood tests results
is beyond me.

I'm not sure if insulin resistance can explain ALL of your symptoms.
My feeling is something is missed-no surprise there- but I'll have to read again your posts.

Best wishes.
Love & Light
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Wow!  After all this time you got a diagnosis!  I hope and pray that the Metformin helps and gives you back your life!  I know that  you are looking forward to feeling better!

Wishing you the best, as always

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I'm also wondering if something has been missed, but I don't know where to begin with figuring out what that may be. It still seems that no matter what I eat, I tend to get hungry pretty quickly and sometimes I am still nauseous. I don't know if that is the acid reflux, or if it is due to the insulin resistance, or even gastroparesis. The gastro dr. seemed to think that was what is going on. The acid reflux medications only make me sick. I still need to do the self-checks for low acid, though. (I'm slack, I know) The diet sheet that the doctor gave me for the gastroparesis actually suggests foods that I should be staying away from for the insulin resistance diet! Also, when I had the abdominal ultrasound done, the lady asked "wait, when's the last time you ate?" at least twice. At first, I didn't think anything of it. But now...

Something else (which I may have already said?) - I was put on a birth control before they found anything out to try and regulate my periods. It was a high dosage, and each week the hormones were different. After that, I went to the gynecologist who changed me to another birth control with a much lower, most consistent dose. I've been on that one about 2 1/2 months now. I started my period around the 13th of this month, and it lasted around 5 days. Today, I thought that I was spotting (which has never happened before) but it turns out, I've started my period all over again - less than 10 days since my last one ended!!

Two of my aunts had endometriosis, and I know that PCOS is common in people with insulin resistance (though I don't have the hairiness etc. that PCOS patients tend to have) I have been losing weight due to the diet and the metformin. I don't think that I have lost enough weight, or even lost it rapidly enough, for that to cause these issues with my periods.

I've also had the recurring yeast infections - some people say that insulin resistance can cause this, but then some say only for diabetics.

Something I also wonder about is sleep apnea, since I do stay tired a lot and seem to sleep sooo heavily.

I feel like I'm just such a bother! I find all of these things and I research them and try to figure it out. I just want to feel better and stop complaining, but it seems like there's always something else to figure out.
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