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Sinus problem
Hello Doctor,

I am 29 years old. Since last three months I have been suffering from Sinus. The symptoms mentioned below:
1) Pain in the left ear which often comes and goes off.
2) Heaviness in the Lower Jaw.
3) Itching in the throat which increases during night time.
4) Slurring of speech
5) Pressure and Heaviness of Tounge.

My ENT doctor asked me to go for a CT scan and report confirmed my Sinus problem.

Since then I have been taking medicines and there is improvement and the pain in the ear and lower Jaw is reduced. Also itching has almost stopped though not completely.

But I have been feeling difficulty in speaking from the beginning of the diagnosis. I mean when I talk to someone else then they say that I speak clearly and my voice is normal but I can feel the difficulty which I have in my tounge.

I am not able to speak and enunciate the letters with 100 percent comfort though the letters are enunciated 99 percent clearly and heaviness is there in my tounge which is not going away.

Please tell me doctor if this is not a sigh of initial cancer(out of my fear) after Sinus is confirmed but my ENT doctor told me its only Sinus and nothing else without naming cancer.

Also sometimes when I have difficulty in speaking in pressure in my tounge then I feel some Muscle twitching in both legs. Is it a sign of Heart Attack.

I am really troubled and not able to focus on my day to day activity.

Please suggest.!!!!!!!!!.

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