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So many symptoms with unknown cause
I am a 17 year old male and I have so many symptoms local doctors don't seem to know how to help me.
Pain in coccyx Over the last 4 months I have experienced the following things, never all at the same time, but they seem to be related to me.
Bowel Irregularity
Lump where lumbar and upper spine connect
Sharp pains in anus
Lump in anus, possible connected to tail bone
Posture problems
Sensation that organs are shifting to one side of body when I tense my stomach muscles
Frequent Headaches
Popping of back in various places along the spinal cord
Sensation that spine is out of alignment
Digestive problems
Difficulty Passing gas
Rapid weight loss (I have gone from 215 pounds to 178 pounds in a period of 6 months.)
Loss of appetite
Numbness in legs
Sensation of a lump in throat or that something is stuck in my throat
Muscle pain in back, shoulders especially
3 months ago I had a VERY hard, black stool that was very difficult to pass
I can't burp anymore, I can only belch, and it's very difficult to release gas through my mouth, often gas is pushed down through my digestive system and forced out the other end
Hips feel uneven, almost like one leg is shorter than the other
Little to no blood flow in my penis, inability to get an erection. I have lost most of the feeling in the shaft of my penis
Severe constipation, and then severe diarrhea.

I wish I could organize my symptoms so they are easier to tackle but there are just so many that could be related or not related that I don't know what to mention anymore.

Lately I have also had a hard time concentrating and remembering things seems to be very difficult at times.

I have also had frequent sinus infections my whole life.

I have been online for the last few days trying tind answers but I haven't really had much luck.  I know my symptoms probably raise a lot of questions and I would really like some help with this because I don't have a very reliable insurance plan and I have been to the doctor more than 20 times in the last year trying to deal with each symptom as they arise.

I would like to make sure to include that I had a colonoscopy done two weeks ago that turned out "normal", however there was one polyp found that was biopsied, and the doctor seemed to think it wasn't a big deal. Two weeks prior to thas I had my wisdom teeth removed and the pain medications the maxillofacial surgeon prescribed me (darvocet) made my constipation very bad, so I saw my family doctor. He seemed to think that the darvocet was the cause of my constipation, but I had irregular bowel movements long before I took that medication.

I don't really know what else to include. It's so confusing when your symptoms and pain come and go and there's so much information to type.

Ah, one more thing I think I should include.  I have no history of seizures but just under 5 months ago I had a seizure and my neurologist couldn't determine a cause, however he said that the MRI or EEG (I don't remember which is which) showed that the left and right sides of my brain were "not in sync with each other."

I really don't know what to think anymore. Many doctors I have seen seem to think I'm just making it all up just to get pain medications prescribed to me. I am going to see my family doctor again tomorrow morning to show him the list of symptoms I typed up. Before this morning I just fed him the symptoms as they occurred, but I would like to show him the list so he can see exactly what's what.

This was a lot of information, and I hope someone can help me find some answers. I have missed so much school because of this and I am rapidly falling behind because most of the time I am in so much pain that I am unable to focus on anything, much less homework.

If there is anything I can do to help to make things more clear please just say so. Thank you for your time.
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