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Soft Lump Hard Palate
In 2000 I noticed a lump on the roof of my mouth, just on the right side. It became painful. I went to va doctor who referred me to ent.

The ent rudely told me it was a dental problem without examining me and sent me to the dental dept. The dental x-rays showed a deteriation of the hard palate at the location of the lump (dentist said 'something was eating through hard palate). (MRI same year, differnt problem, showed a cyst in same sinus cavity)the VA dentist wanted to do a pulpotomy on all my teeth, said it would fix problem.

I would not allow this and went home.

The pain eventually subsided and the lump was 'just there'. Now, in the last month, the lump has become larger, sore and fairly soft. When I press on it, I can feel the pressure (sensation) in the center of my right nostril.

I do have an appointment (with va again) in late march. Can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect, could it really be a dental problem?? Any other idea what it may be?

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