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Sore in/legs/arms/chest/shoulders Restricted Breathing Swollen Lymph Be...
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This patient support community is for discussions relating to undiagnosed symptoms, breathing difficulties, feeling cold, cough, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, fever, indigestion, itching, nausea, numbness, pain (chronic), paralysis, rash, sweating, swelling, urination problems, and vomiting.

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Sore in/legs/arms/chest/shoulders Restricted Breathing Swollen Lymph Behind Ear


I have a Sore Chest.

BUT i have a tight back... tight in all of top and mid/left of bottom.

My left shoulder is sore (with a bruised feeling)... my arm gets a pain running down through and into the wrist.

Sometimes my right arm hurts the same way.. and i have chest painds that can feel like piercing pains and sometimes bruise.. usually in left arm.

My right and left leg calves (front side top mucles?)... hurt once in a while in a sore way... again like a bruise.

I have breathing strain... and a cough. I also have a sore throat.

Behind my right ear is a lump... the doctor past it off as a lymph cluster.. but so casually.

My left leg sometimes goes numbish and my right one even less...

I get random headaches and pains in my head.. but i also have a really tight sore neck...

The doctor wasnt worried... said i have a little excess fat and its not a problem... but if i wanna lose it cut down on the carbohidrates.(sp?)

I have also had alot of the runs... coming on and off.. and stomache aches..

Also ive had VERY rare, VERY few sessions of feeling like im just not there... and kinda just floating... its weird. (by rare, i mean once a month... and usually afte ri have caffeine)

I am worried it may be cancer...

I am 18 years old.. non smoker but when i was young (14-16) there were a few occasions (aroundddd 8) where i breathed in fumes from a chemical fire (but only 1 breathe) andddd ie been around seocnd hand smoke (in a room) about 9 times. (i hate it so much.. so i keep count.)

Im fairly fit.. but i had to get out of muay thai for a bit because of school.

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please list anything that it could be.. and the chance of it being cancer.. i mean ANYTHING else id be fine with.. just not cancer...
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