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Stabbing chest pain right sided
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Stabbing chest pain right sided

I recently saw my Dr. because I was having a slight cough and a sharp stabbing pain on the right side of my chest...(I was also recovering from a reoccuring staph infection) She said she thought it was plurisy and ordered X-rays, and gave me antibiotics and an enhaler of albuteral. I completed all my medicine 5 days ago and the X-ray results said my lungs looked clear and fine. However, I am still having this sharp Stabbing like pain on my right side..literally right behind my right breast. It hurts when I breathe in and move into certain positions...especially hard at night ..laying down seems to aggrivate it , as does laying on my right side....If it's not plurisy and not my lungs.,.and obviously not my heart...What the heck could this be.. I am a 27 year old woman ..who for the most part is healthy( I have a reoccuring staph infection..for over a year). Any advice would help..I have no insurance need to try to find out as much info as possible before going back to the Doctor..That way I can make my expensive visits more productive...
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
A stabbing chest pain if is not pleurisy can be costochondritis (inflammation of the joint between rib and sternum. The inflammation around the joint area gives sharp pain on taking a breath. This can also cause tenderness on pressing the area which pains. An orthopedic doctor can diagnose this for you. Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities causing shortness of breath with chest pain. A CT scan of the chest can rule out both. Generally there is no cause. However it can be due to infection, blow, injury, or fibromyalgia. It usually goes away on its own. Otherwise it can be treated with muscle relaxants, and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.
Chances are that you have esophageal reflux (GERD), where the food in your stomach is thrown up into your food pipe or esophagus. This also causes burning sensation or discomfort in the chest area. Another possibility is hiatal hernia, where a portion of stomach herniates into the chest cavity through the diaphragm. This along with chest discomfort cause shortness of breath too. Try OTC antacid gel, and Omeprazole and see if it helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
have you ever had nomonia because if you have it could just be a gathering of white blood cells right by your lung not sure what it is called my mother has this and got very mad when she found out because the docter did not tell her about this. be carefull if this is what is wrong there is a chance it can cause lung cancer
Drnee outlines the situation pretty clearly.

Post-infection pain often lasts for a long, long time.

Rest, sunlight, and time usually resolves the problem. Yup. Simple sunlight exposure 45 minutes a day and a D3 supplement.

The re-occuring staph infection concerns me. It is easy to get an encapsulated antibiotic-resistant infection that will never go away - only go into remission.

Get an expectorant at the drug store and look for yellow mucus. If you have this, bring it to your physician's attention.

I would avoid a steroidal inhaler, although they are sometimes prescribed. The last thing you need is a degraded immune system.

As Drnee stated, these problems are generally self-limiting and go away on their own.

I've had a bad lung infection and pains like yours for weeks.
I have GERD and that's not the same type of feeling I'm having...Thisisn't a burnung pain but rather a very sharp stabbing pain that gets worst when I breathe deeply,cough or lean foward...It helps to hold my chest and brace for the anticipated pain...But I will definately be going back to the Dr. for this..even if it's just for my own peace of mind..Thank you for the advice..I will be sure to bring these things up at my next visit.. Would a pulminary embolism or pleurisy show up in an x-ray??? And because this reoccuring staph infection is in my head...is it possible than it could have traveled to my sternum causing this pain??( Is that even medically possible??)
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