Strange feeling of heat in my leg
by Glam Gran, May 12, 2006
For the last few days I've been getting a very strange sensation in my right leg, between the back of my knee and the top of my calf. It's a feeling of heat which lasts for a few seconds.  This happens about 2 or 3 times an hour. It's not painful, it just feels weird. My leg is not hot to the touch, it's a kind of internal heat (quite hard to describe!). I have a desk-based job but I do get up and move around regularly. Also a couple of times in the last few days I've had a kind of breathless feeling and can feel my heart beating very quickly. This also lasts just a couple of seconds. I don't know if the 2 things are related.  Can anyone shed any light on this please!
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by Glam Gran, May 13, 2006
Thanks for your comments, actually today I haven't had the sensation at all yet, and I'm not at work today.  So I'm starting to think it might be my office chair, although I've been using the same chair for 9 months so it seems strange it's only just started happening.  I will see what happens when I go back into work on Monday!  I've already got a doctor's appointment lined up for something else so I'll mention it when I go.
by myproblem, May 14, 2006
Try elevating your feet on a foot stool or something while you work. You may just be putting pressure on a vein in the back of your knee or something.
by Glam Gran, May 15, 2006
Thanks, I think it's definitely my office chair, I didn't have the feeling all weekend and this morning I've swapped chairs and it hasn't happened yet so fingers crossed!
by hoponpop, Jun 11, 2006
How many people have this problem???  I just posted about the same thing (6/11/06) and then scrolled down to find 2 other posts dealing with this exact same issue.  I just want to say I feel much better hearing that it is probably just related to how we are sitting at our desks and not anything more serious (that's what the other responses said too).  

PHEW!  But in any case I have a doctor's appointment and will post a follow-up after I hear what he has to say.
by nonunu, Sep 23, 2007
I have this heat start in my thigh and shoot to my lower leg.  only on my left side,  Its very wierd and I would love to know what it means. also
by sylvachick, Nov 06, 2007
Wow this has been interesting.  I have heat flushes alot everday in my left shin and it is kind of creepy.  From what I have read there seems to be no relation to clot symptoms as this is what I feared coming up to flying overseas.  I did come across this website http://carefirst.staywellsolutionsonline.com/Library/AsktheExpert/Bone/72,ATD070905  which for me has made alot of sense due to reoccuring injuries in my left leg.  It sounds by everyone's postings regarding these weird sensations that the symptoms and causes are quite individual and which suggest diagnosis will also be individual rather than one collective diagnosis.  Good luck everyone.
by seaoglass, Dec 30, 2007
I am having the same sensation-just started yesterday, but has been consistently happening at least 2x per hour.  It is a heat sensation on the back of my upper/inner left thigh.  Very strange....glad to see others having the same thing.
by Rose25A, Jan 07, 2008
I too have been having "heat" in an area above the inside of my right ankle - several times/day for the last month.  There is no swelling and when I feel the heat sensation, I don't feel that heat with my hand.  There seems to be no difference the the amount whether sitting, standing or lying down.  Of course, I worry about blood clots.