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Sudden Nearsighted to Farsighted
On Monday morning, after I woke up, I realized that out of my right eye I couldn't read the paper - that it was all blurry.  My left was fine, but right had problems.  However, I also noticed that I could see distances better (and now on my right side it is clearer without my distance glasses).

I went to an eye doctor (not an ophthalmologist, but an eye doctor). who told me that this was a process of getting older.  I don't agree with him...gradual change, definitely - but not that sudden.

My prescription before for glasses (distance)

L -1.25
R -1.25


L -1.00
R +0.25

That's a pretty big difference...I didn't need reading glasses before, the adjustment now is +1.00 for each eye.

I did have pink eye in my right eye about 2 months ago and was proscribed anti-biotices.

Any thoughts?
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What you have is probably pseudomyopia where there is a sudden shift of sight towards myopia. This happens due to spasm of ciliary muscle. Cycloplegic refraction using a strong cycloplegic agent like atropine or homatropine eye drops is used for diagnosis.
Please consult an ophthalmologist. Take care!
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