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Sudden blisters unexplained
Last week at work I happened to notice that the knuckle of my pinky finger had become a large clear blister. It didn’t hurt, wasn’t red, and was certainly not the result of any trauma. When I poked it (You have to poke it) it started to leak and hurt a lot also turning red. I washed it with antibacterial soap put a bandage on it and the next day it was pretty much fine and completely gone within a few days.

Fast forward to right now I had an itch on my shoulder and when I reached to scratch it I touched a very large blister. I looked and I have a blister approximately 1.25 inches long and .5 inches wide full of clear fluid (now leaking because I touched it) It was raised about .25 inches before it started to leak. It is not longer itchy, doesn’t hurt, and wasn’t red until it started to leak.
I am male, 30 years old, in good physical health and take the following prescriptions daily:
Adderall 20 MG 3x daily
Depakote ER 500MG 1x daily. (*Recent dosage increase)
And Xanax .25 MG up to 3 per day as needed (Perhaps once a month)
Diet and surroundings are unchanged.
Anyone got any ideas? I can’t get to my doctor for several days and want to make sure this isn’t something on the ER level.

Additional Details
Adding symptoms:
Dark urine (blaming it on dehydration)
leg cramps

Recent exposure to:
Synthetic oils
Brake clean
These are all fairly common for me though.

More stuff
The blisters on both occasions looked very much like the first picture in this link but considerably larger.

Once they popped though they turned pretty red and the pinky burned a lot. The arm is fine now but there is still a lot of fluid left. I anticipate it will burn too later.
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Blisters can be due to diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, dermatitis herpetiformis, chronic bullous dermatosis, and malnutrition. Blisters can be caused by intense rubbing or friction. They can also be seen in moist skin as one always covered with sweat or water.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by referral to a skin specialist. Take care!
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