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Sudden cold hands and feet, chills, pressure in head, related to Essential Thrombocythemia?
I was diagnosed with E.T in 2010, since then I have been on hydrea and from time to time I have sudden symptoms that can last a few minutes to several hours;
These are sudden cold hands and feet, pain in back, pressure in head chills that come from the head down to the body, I feel very strange.
They started when I stoped taking my meds in 2011 for a few months, my platelets got up to over 2 milion and suddenly I started having attacks for the next 5 months DAILY, these included burning of legs and numbness of arms and legs,my body would not get warmer even if I was covered by a lot of sheets in bed, fast heart beat (pulse 170 per minute) , brain fog, feeling of death, very cold and shaking all over the body, dizzy, my arms would feel like a rock and I couldnt close my hand any more, in the begining they lasted for 2-5 hours then with time they got less intense and lasted less time.
Though my platelets are at normal levels now I keep having symptoms...
I am glad they have been reducing over time but I am 21 and while having this condition its not easy to study or work.
I was tested on autoimune diseases but everything was ok.
Does anyone have an idea if this is still E.T related?
Does anyone have similar symptoms?
I would be so glad if anyone could give an opinion, please.
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