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Suspect Poisoning from Sewer Gas
I have been having these symptoms since last summer. We thought that the problem had been solved when the grease trap in the restaraunt was cleaned out, however it came back again. Now the entire basement has been re-plumbed to put the toilets directly into the new town sewer, while the rest goes through the grease trap instead.

It started with headaches and memory loss. I didn't think a lot of it because I had migraines in the past and thought they were just getting worse. Then it got to the point where I felt physically ill when I went to work. I could smell the sewer smell all morning, some days it was as though it just sat there waiting to burp at me. It would get so bad that I would have to go outside, where you could still smell it seeping out of the cafe. We lost a lot of busniess. I started taking topomax for my headaches, which did help to a cerain degree. I had some days where I was very confused, went to the hospital once because I couldn't keep anything strait. I mean, I would look at the red and green cutting boards and tell myself to grab the red one and grab the green one, not noticing i did that for a while. Or I would mess up things I do all the time, that I never mess up. I would have three or four things going at once and none would get done. It was aweful. I am still tired a lot. I was far more fatigued when the smell was worse but still not the same.

It all started when the smell started. We thought it was gone when the trap was cleaned, but it came back again. It's just so frustrating. I talked to my dr about it and she ran some bloodwork and said it didn't look like I was being poisoned. I just don't think I was taken seriously enough to test for what I actually needed. I don't dare say that to my dr of course.

I did stop taking my migraine medication when the smell cleared up and it was noticeably different. I started feeling ok at work again, getting more accomplished and even feeling better psychologically. However, I have never felt quite the same.  It has been pretty clear for a few weeks now. I guess it got bad last week while I was gone but they had it re-plumbed before I got to work so all I could smell was plumbing glue. ick.

Anyway- I know I have babbled a lot... trying to make sense of all of this.
I really feel like I was poisoned and I feel like I am still paying for it.
A coworker also got severe nosebleeds during the same time period.
Every one of the full time employees have similar complaints.
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