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Swollen Lower Leg with Rash (1 year ongoing)
Since March 2011 I've been dealing with permanent swelling in my lower right leg. It started with my ankle, and has recently within the last 4 months expanded to my calf. No change with elevation or ice. I have been to several doctors, who have done blood tests, ultrasounds, xrays, and I am currently on the waitlist for an MRI. My thyroids & kidneys are functional, no clots, compression stockings don't help, no sprains or breaks, and the only test that came back positive was for Celiac's disease. Switching to a gluten-free diet did not change the symptoms. I have also had a re-occuring, very itchy rash on the front of my swollen leg at the base. Small bumps form, I scratch, the bumps open, heal over, and the rash lingers until the cycle starts again. It is consistently painful, worse the more swollen my leg becomes. Strangely enough, while my right leg has been swollen, my left leg/ankle has become thinner. The latest doctor thinks it's a lymphatic drainage problem, but the ultrasounds came back clean. I am very frustrated and hoping for new ideas or thoughts. Thanks :)
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