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Swollen Lymph Nodes In Neck And Ringing In Ears
Hello everyone.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me.  So starting around the 10th of July or so I noticed some swelling in my neck.  It got worse and within about half a week it got to the point where it hurt to swallow.  Around July 14th I got an appointment with my doctor.  He looked at me and checked my throat but didn't see any signs of inflammation.  When he checked my lymph nodes on my neck he felt a considerably large one on my left hand side, which I had already decided was the more painful side of the two and the largest lymph node on my own.  He decided that it was a virus or bacteria that was causing it and to be on the safe side he gave me Amoxicillin which is a antibiotic.  So I was to take that for the next 10 days.  A couple days later, just as I had planned back in June I went up to Mammoth Mountain with some friends, while up their my throat still was hurting when I swallowed but I told myself not to let it bother me.  I had a lot of fun and no worries but on the third and final night I began to have ringing in my left ear, now I have ringing in both ears all the time as does everyone else in the world when they are some where really quiet.  Same thing goes when its really dark in a room and you can still see light from the images being put together by your brain.  Anyways that kind of ringing usually does not bother me.  But this did.  Initially I thought it was from me cleaning my ears earlier on that night with a Q-tip, I thought I might have bumped my ear drum and that caused the ringing, but it never went away that night.  Then I had a panic attack which is not like me.  The next morning it was still there and although its not a roaring ring it is noticeable.  Like when you have a TV on in a room you can hear that high pitch whine.   We were already going home the next day and I thought it had to do with the elevation or maybe the antibiotic I was on.  

Well I got home and it was still happening and I found out that this type of antibiotic doesn't have that side effect.  Nonetheless my lymph node on my left side was getting better but it then shifted to my right one.  I went to the doctor last week and the doctor told me to finish the medication and to take a nasal spray that clears up the eustachian tubes and sinuses.  Well I think he was full of it because although when I swallow my left ear doesn't click it does not feel like it does when I have a head cold.  It just feels a little "Full", and my sinuses have been clear the whole time since my lymph nodes got swollen.  I should probably use the nasal spray but I will see what the doc thinks when I see him Friday.  Then within the last weekend my lymph nodes were almost back to normal but the ringing, (mostly in my left ear), continued to bother me. Within the last 24 hours my left lymph node has been getting larger again and my ear and throat hurts, especially when I swallow.  Last week my doctor had me go to the lab for blood work to see if I have mononucleosis, which I highly doubt as I know what the symptoms of it are although I have never had it before, but I am not that seriously sick.  

The ringing in my ears has caused me to have some panic attacks since the camping incident, most recently last night.  I just watched TV and prayed, eventually I went to sleep.  Thats probably going to happen tonight as well.  Anyways I usually do not worry about things or get anxious and the last time I had a panic attack was maybe like 5 years ago up until this point.  I really hate the ringing and I want it to go away.  My father has sudden hearing loss from a virus about two years ago that shut off blood flow to his cochlea in the right ear and now he has constant ringing in that ear.  I don't like to complain especially when others have it worse but I am barely just 21 and I shouldn't have these symptoms you know?  Tinnitus is something usually old people that went to rock shows for years w/o ear plugs get.  My question to you guys is have you heard these symptoms in combination before.  I personally think that my recent depression and anxiety attacks may have something to do with the whole thing.  I am just not acting like my usual self.  Could this be lyme disease or possibly Toxoplasmosis (I do sleep with a cat next to my face and head every night).  I don't like to look into things on my own but my doctor hasn't really been able to help me like he has in the past so I kinda feel I need to take the matter into my own hands.  I just wish that I will get better soon.  Sorry for typing out my life story for you guys. :P :)  

PS: I am scheduling an appointment tomorrow for Friday with my doctor, and I want him to get me over to get a hearing test or something.  I know that ringing in the ears can be minimally treated but I have faith that it is just part of my overlying sickness and that as soon as that is fixed that it will go away.  Once again thank you.
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