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Swollen Lymph Nodes and other symptoms
My son is 9 and has had swollen lymph nodes that started in his head and neck (side, back, and collarbone area), then moved to his jaw and groin. The first one we noticed in May of this yr. it seemed that the lymph nodes just kept popping out all the time.
In the beginning that was the only real noticible symptom. Then he started to get slight fatigue, now it is much worse. Daily fatigue and bags under his eyes.
He also started to itch on his skin where there is no rash until he broke out into a rash like texture and bleed. He has bumps on his head that itch intensly that they did a biopsy that showed lymphocytes.
After months of doctors and negative lab work, ct's,a bone scan, a skeletal survey, exrays etc..
They have found bone lesions on his pelvis. The oncologist wants to do a bone biopsy right away to find out if all of his symptoms are a rare blood disorder, histiocytosis. Since, he has alot of the symptoms.
She also felt he could have hodgkins, but has decided not to biopsy lymph nodes  now. Which I don't agree with. Which I plan on discussing at the next visit.
Right now I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced the following symptoms for months and what they were finally diagnosed with.

Generalized lymphadenapathy x 6-7 months (no pain in nodes) also none showing internally on CT
Enlarged tonsils
Nausua/ stomache pain
Itching/ rash
Bone lesions
Chest palpatations/ pain ( may or may not be related)

Or if your child has been diagnosed with histiocytosis?

Sorry to drag on my first post for so long I guess I kind of rambled. But, my reference base is fairly limited here, so any info will help.

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