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Swollen lymph nodes, Nose tissue swell, Pain radiating on right side of neck
In November of 2005, "Cardigon" posted this:
"15 months ago I developed a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck. My throat also has a "full" feeling on the left side and it feels like something is in there when I swallow. My lymph node became inflamed, the inflamation spread to my left ear, left nostril, above/below/behind my left eye. I have headaches on the left side and what feels like a finger tip pressing down hard on certain spots on top of my scalp, at the same time the pain feels connected as it radiates from my nasal to my node to my head to my ear, etc. When looking up my left nostril in the mirror, I can see bulbuss swollen tissue on the inside of the inner wall of the nostril. It is also red and inflamed. The right side is fine. I can also note swelling in the gland just below my left ear. The pain radiates down just below my left nostril into a tiny section of gum above one tooth. Saw an ENT, he used a camera to go down my throat,noted inflamation in the nostril but no growth or any such thing in my throat. He ordered a CT scan from the chin up and it came out negative for blockage, etc. (I've had plenty of sinus infections,and this is nothing like a sinus infection.) Saw allergist, he ordered a CT scan below the chin and that came up as the lymph node being within normal size (even though I can feel it and so could the doctors.) Allergy tests came back negative. Dentist gave full mouth X-Ray and nothing abnormal. I do not have a soar throat or mucas discharge of any kind. To this day the node has not increased in size but the symptoms have never subsided either. M/27/married non smoker non drugs"

I am having the exact same problems, but on my right side. I also experience a numb/tingling feeling that once starts, will not stop until I go to sleep and wake up the next day. It starts on the back of my neck and ends up spreading to the back of my head. (Right side only). The medial wall inside the right side of my nose is still inflamed (4 days), the soar above my front teeth is now almost gone (4 days), and my ear still hurts if I touch it (4 days). So all of my sinus issues occurred on the same day, which really got me motivated to find out what's going on. The pain on the right side of my neck is every single day, and I cannot continue to live like this! I need some sort of advice on any diagnosis or treatments?
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