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Swollen lymph nodes with tingling sensation?
Hello!  I've had swollen lymph nodes and other symptoms for 2 years now.  At the onset, I saw an oncologist who was convinced it was lymphoma (fever, night sweats, huge node), but two biopsies showed "abnormal, but not colonial T cells," so they said it is not lymphoma.

I've seen a long line of doctors since then, and the one constant symptom i have is swollen nodes in the neck -- and now armpits -- along with a tingling sensation in them.  Tingling may not be the right word -- it's more of an "awareness" that the nodes are there?  Hard to describe, but they almost pulse a bit, and then stop.  The feeling is not constant, it comes and goes, but it has started in the armpits in the last few months as well as the neck.  

I can go for weeks with no feeling, and just when i start to think all is well and I'm moving past this, the feeling returns.

I also have a swollen liver (as per an MRI), but all blood work is normal.  I have not been able to lie on my stomach for about a year and a half due to the pressure.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or a magical diagnosis I can suggest to my Dr?  Ha ha ha =]

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