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T3 and FT3/ T4 and FT4
What is the difference between a T3 Uptake, and a Free T3; and a T4 and a Free T4 test? Is a Free Thyroxine Index the same as a Free T4? What is a T7? What is the difference between a TSH and a TSH Sensitive. If a T3 test is abnormal, can it be assumed that a Free T3 test is abnormal? Repeat the same question for T4 and Free T4. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid, but now my levels are normal,  and understanding all these different test is overwhelming. Also, I went to the dermatologist recently for skin welting, and he told me that skin welting is characteristic of thyroid problems, but I told him my last thyroid tests were in their normal ranges, so why do I have this problem even if my levels are in normal. I didn't have welting when my levels were high, so I wonder if the dermatologist is just blaming my thyroid, like everything else gets blamed on my thyroid. How can normal thyroid levels cause skin welting? I had a lot of symptoms that I thought was something else, including diabetes, but after my thyroid levels returned to normal, my blood sugar did too. I was glad to learn it is O.K. but I wonder if this makes me a likely candidate for diabetes.
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