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Teenage malignant hypertension
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Teenage malignant hypertension

My mother has previously posted a question about my uncontrollable hypertension but has left several facts out. I am a 21 year old female who has struggled with hypertension for 4 years. At age 10 I had bilateral ureteral reimplantation. I was followed up by the urologist, everything was said to be normal. At age 17 my blood pressure averaged around 200/100. I was put on HCTZ and sent to a hypertension/nephrology specialist. I have had x-rays, a VCUG, IVP, ultrasounds and many blood/urine tests. Everything came back normal. I am now on maximum doses of Procardia, Toprol and HCTZ in an attempt to bring my BP down since I was sent to ER by a general practitioner. Vast arrays of blood work, MRAs, urinalysis, etc have come back normal except for iron deficiency anemia and continuing high levels of WBCs. I do not smoke, do not take illegal drugs and I only drink rarely. When this started at age 17 I ran 3 miles a day and was a vegetarian. I have switched birth control to a POP, have drastically cut back on caffeine, and have asthma under control without use of albuterol. Summer of 2005 I was placed on a 30-day event recorder to listen for "heart flutters" I had been having, results came back normal. I now have extreme fatigue and horrendous other side effects that are interferring with normal life. Do many teenagers have essential hypertension or should I keep searching for a secondary cause? Last BP reading on all the meds was 134/74 with pulse of 64. Here is a list of all meds I am taking - Lexapro 10mg, Micronor, 1 Feosol, Procardia 120mg, HCTZ 50mg, Toprol 50mg, Advair 250
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Hi EmSchmidt,

Given you had a B/P of 200/100 a B/P of 134/74 & P-64 is good in a hypertensive patient. Your medications are apparently working well for you. Sometimes it takes a combination of meds to get good control. It's just finding what works in that specific individual. Don't stop taking them.
I don't know how many times pts. have told me "My B/P is good now. I don't think I need to take these meds anymore" I told them taking the meds is what's making your B/P good!!!
?????? "Da" I don't understand how some people think! ??????

JUST A SUGGESTION...You should be getting copies of all your labs & results of tests they are running for your own records. They usually have no problem giving them to you as it is the law that you can have access to them. If you have those copies than they are available in case you need to see another Dr. or if you are seen in ER for any reason. It's just not a bad idea to be prepared with your health history.

Why is your WBC high? Have they given you a reason & how high was it?

I have 3 grandchildern who had to have surgical repair of renal deformaties. They are dioing great now but one of them only has one functioning kidney. I pray he doesn't have health problems down the road but so far so good.

God Bless You & keep you healthy,  TJ
this is why tj is an lpn. not an paramedic, rn, np or md

monitor your renal function.
have your creatinine and BUN watched
You may want to consider having them test your ANA

HTN and anemia are both signs of impaired renal function

HTN, anemia and elevated white count are signs of lupus nephritis ONLY with the condition of an elevated/positive ANA test.

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