Temporary Itching after coughing or choking isolated to chest / lung area
by FrankCalls, Jun 07, 2006
Hi All, (25 male, healthy according to GP, smoked here and there but stopped).
Problem started about 1 year ago.
Everytime I cough or choke it feels like my lungs or skin above my lungs on the chest area itches terribly for about 5 mintes.
Sometimes it is on the sides and sometimes on my back and sometimes both. It only itches just underneath the skin isloted to where you could draw an outline of the lungs on the skin of the chest area.
I have searched for a long time now and found nothing. I think my GP thinks I am crazy.

I have since a child suffered from very slight hayfever where my ears and back of throat itches but very rarely maybe once or twice a year for a few minutes.

Please share your thoughts,
Many Thanks
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by star queen, Jun 07, 2006
You didn't mention any redness of the skin that might contribute to the itchiness or if you have dry skin, so I will presume you don't have these symptoms.  You do have allergies, do you take Diphenhydramine?  This antihistamine has many brand names, but the best known is Benadryl.  One side effect of taking this medicine is itchiness under the skin commonly occurring on the chest. Discontinuing this med will make the itch go away.  If this is not the case, and you don't have any infestation under the skin (they usually accompany redness) you may have poor circulation in the skin on the chest often related to diabetes.  Poor circulation usually occurs in the legs of diabetic patients, but can occur on the chest or back.  The skin is poorly profused (less blood than needed)so when you cough or choke and the chest wall expands a little more than usual, the skin does a "dry stretch" resulting in an itchy feeling for several minutes until the blood supply is re-established. hope this helps
by FrankCalls, Jun 08, 2006
Thanks for the advice. I dont have any redness on my chest neither have I ever taken diphenhydramine. I only experiences the hay fever symptoms maybe once a year and doesnt usually lasts very long. The itching when coughing has been a constatnt phenomenon for more than a year.

It might simply be dry skin, I guess a remedy might be moisterising cream very often and see if it goes.


by kate832, Sep 09, 2009
My name is katie I have a had a very rough cough and everytime i cough it makes my back itch is there something i can take for that i do have dry skin and i dont take benydryl