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The pad of my right index finger is numb
I'm wondering should I be worry about this problem and go see my doctor about this problem. It's been a little over 48 hours that the pad of my finger has felt numb. A couple days ago, I was spraying my apartment nonstop for pest and I wasn't wearing gloves at the time. When I got finish I started noticing that my right index finger was numb. When I looked at it, I noticed it had three tiny water like bumps on it; those went away about a few hours after I noticed them. I washed my hands at least three times with soap, because I was worried that the chemicals in the spray might have caused the numbness in my finger. Washing my hands didn't help with the numbness. The first 24 hours, my entire pad of my finger was numb. By the next day, it was only halfway numb. Today, it's just the tip of my finger that is numb. I was wondering could this be slight nerve damage? And--does temporary numbness in fingers last more than 48 hours? I, also, was wondering about, if there was a way to prevent this from happening again?
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