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Tightness in Left Arm
Recently I graduated from college, and while attending I developed a drinking problem even by my socio-cultural definition. Its not uncommon for me to drink a 750ml bottle of brandy on the weekends. I'm a habitual drinker, so I might typically drink a 200ml flask of scotch in the evenings; however in the last two months it has turned into a towering inferno. During college when stress levels rose - and there was a sense of emotional instability - it was always easy to turn to beer, wine or liquor. I turned to liquor when I noticed beer and wine were causing me to gain weight.

Over 3 years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, and fibrillated. There was no evidence of mild stroke, and no need for a cat scan according to ER professional and experts. I was treated, and recovered in three months. Recently I've been taken off the medication. I started an exercise regime when released to go back to work. For the last 3 years I have worked on my heart profusely. Lately, however, my blood pressure has been elevated as a result of the many changes I am enduring; which has been overwhelming. It has been a little screwy, eg:  125/93 67,112/88 68. I've also have monitored it at 141/98 72, and breathing exercises I manage to bring it down.

About a year later after being diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I started feeling this chronic ache in my left elbow, and shoulder. Now my ring finger gets numb. This was the side I carried my backpack on (I never used it properly). I type a lot. Poetry got me through my boredom as did drinking, and friends. I also have a pinched nerve in the left side of my neck.

Currently I am weening myself off the brandy it had gotten to 18 shots everyday for approximately a month. I am now at about 11 drinks a day (I did this overnight), but for some reason my left arm - as I'm trying to fall asleep - will develop this sensation of alarm, then tightness. I also feel like I'm losing my breath - perhaps its a symptom of sleep apnea, or heart failure; however I'm not intolerant to exercise. I also feel tightness in my neck, and severe tension in my shoulder blades. I don't have heart decease, but my mother does have fibromyalgia. My cholesterol is about 170, my triglycerides are slightly high. My sugar is normal. Of course my last check up was a year ago. Did I have a stroke, or a seizure? Am I suffering from heart failure. I do feel panicky at times. Could this be related to a pinch nerve. Does alcohol abuse cause sleep apnea?

As far as I'm concerned I've burned my share of brain cells, and a cat scan is far to expensive to check if I did have a stroke. Right now my shoulder is hurting just typing this.    
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There is a chance that you have compression of the spinal nerves in the cervical spine region. This can happen due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. Use a hard bed to sleep. Avoid a pillow. Roll a towel and place it under your neck while sleeping. Initially this will be uncomfortable but with time the acupressure will do wonders. Use an analgesic cream or spray. Anti-inflammatory drugs help. A good physiotherapist can teach you some exercises which will help you a lot. A MRI of the cervical spine may still be required and you may need to consult a neurologist.
Please discuss this with your doctor. This pain in shoulder and arm does not appear to be due to heart disease. However you should monitor your thyroid levels from time to time as high level of thyroid hormones can affect several organs including heart and muscles.
Also too much use of alcohol can cause Vit B12 deficiency, which can affect the nerves and cause pain. Hence this level should be done in blood. Also this does not look like sleep apnea. The only possibility can be a restless leg syndrome kind of thing, which is again a sleep disorder.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I used to play football, and did some damage on number 69.

I wrote this:

I love drinking.
I picked up smoking again.
I love art and music.
Passion and love.
Life and death.
Just magic.
I also like making money,
and the thought of working for the US Census.
I'm starting my own business.
I want to be a teacher when I retire at 120.
I like a lot of things.
I like living.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When I Die, I Shall Live On Child of Mine
When I Die, I Shall Live On Child of Mine

O' sorry wet brain. And eye wiggles
You stepped in a puddle of tickle
Sticky worm, I'm off to fly a kite
To bring us a Benjamin lesser night

Whose afraid, not I
I shall take away your dreams of fright
Tickle me there and hear
My pride, my despair -- hearts of care

I love you now
I love you when
I love you despite this sin
Forgive me, when raged, and grow fins

I presume you love me too
like I love you true.  
I shall save you, some paper for write
In your despair of night.
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Hey dude are there nurses up in here looking for date? I'm sorry. I'm tired seriousness.
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I went to college with a girl whose eye was like hanging. Wet brain is a birth defect. I take plenty of b12 -- you win.

In the 80's when technology was bombing, stress docs were owl like. Behavioral Psychologists (OB).

Mercy before the court.

If you are going to be before the computer - it was MASS COMMUNICATED - look left, look right, look up, look down. Work out the eyes. Technostress is hard. I laugh about it, because it keeps me in check, but I can't escape the toxins I know this. But according to Darwin I can adapt, in theory. Mania, an active live style (peeking your thyroid), and stimulants may cause hyperthyroid -- goiter (and I rarely ate) is a tell tail sign. Iodine is all that is needed to prevent I'm thinking. Popular culture is harsh. In Graves what do you have? Natural stimulates (green tea, etc) and an active lifestyle. Add meth...?

You get the picture.

I know medicine is serious stuff...

But I know that people suffer as a result of awareness, and logic too. Like a puzzle that's being put together. I call it the 'interpersonal hindsight'. Been to Europe lately.

We just don't want these manifestations to turn to self-fulling prophecy. See?
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