Torn Labrum and Rotator Cuff
     In 1999, I injured My shoulder, a torn Labrum. Since then I have had two orthoscopic procedures done.  In 2003, I had another MRI done, to confirm the pain I had been having.  The MRI confirmed a torn Labrum and now, a torn rotator cuff (not the original injury).   At that time, The VA Medical center put me thru a pre-surgical therapy treatment, thats what they called it. By the end of the following two weeks after starting therapy, I couldnt move my arm at all, it had become frozen and extremely painful.  I told them no more, and no more surgery!  
    Now the shoulder is very bothersome.  Any weight put on the shoulder is extremely painful.  The only time it isn't painful is when I am lying down, or when the arm is in a sling taking the weight of my arm off the shoulder. The Veterans Administration won't do an MRI, they want to try physical therapy first.  Is it possible for this type of injury to heal itself?,  considering the amount of time it has been.  My sister had a similar injruy, and when they did the surgery they discovered that a muscle had completely detached from the shoulder.  Is it possible that this is what I am feeling, given all the symptoms.  Personally I don't think physical therapy is going to help, it didn't last time, why should this time matter any different?  Can a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff heal itself, and if mine has healed, why am I in so much pain?
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