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I have had tremors or shaking of my knees (both knees) for many years (I'm 39 now).  It has recently began in my hands.  I get a weird feeling (like no blood or weak) in my arms then it hits my hands & they tremor.  Sometimes it is very obvious, other times it is not as noticable.  It can happen when I am holding something or other times, out of the blue!  I will have a nerve test done in 2 weeks, but my strength in my hands/arms is still very good, knees/legs not as much as I have had knee surgery before due to injury.  My doctor believes it might be essential tremors and can be treated by a beta blocker.  No history of Parkinsons in my family either.......At times I get a bit confused and the correct words do not come out and I feel "fuzzy in the head.  I don't have a tendency to drop things or trouble moving my extremities, just sometimes they feel "numb" but I can still move them....Any suggestions?
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