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Tropical disease or not?
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Tropical disease or not?


I'm from Finland, so I apologize for my poor English skills. But we need help, we are desperate and I’m very worried about my wife.

Six month ago we were on honeymoon in Hawaii - island of Maui. But then our honeymoon was ruined, because my wife got sick. She had fever, dizziness, headache, sore and swollen lymph node at the right side of the neck, but she had no flu. A local doctor gave her an antibiotic treatment Cephalexin 500mg, but it didn’t help. Next we went to hospital emergency room in Wailuku where they gave her a corticosteroid injection but it didn’t help either. Next day we went back to the hospital emergency room and this time they did some blood tests with following results;

Automated Bld Cnt
- WBC 18,5 [3,8-11,2]
- RBC 5,37 [3,9-5,2]
- Hemoglobin 16,4 [11,6-15,1]
- Hematocrit 47,9 [34,1-44,2] %

Peripheral Blood Diff
- Neutrophils 79 [40-70] %
- Lymphs 9 [20-45] %
- Monocytes 12 [4-10] %
- Neutrophils, Absolute 14,60 [1,4-7,0]
- Monocytes, Absolute 2,20 [0,1-1,0]

Basic Metabolic Panel
- Glucose119 [70-99]
- Calsium 10,1 [8,6-9,9]

As the results shows, white blood cells was high, but was it because of the infection or corticosteroid that she got day before.

Anyway, today 6 month later she still has mild fever, dizziness, headache and she feels like mucus or something is running down her throat from right side of her head. There are also some new symptoms like muscle pains, facial pains especially on right side of the head, sometimes abdominal pains and arrhythmia. Our doctors in Finland are confused. White blood cells are now in normal range. My wife has been tested for HIV and some rare viruses and bacteria like Dengue virus, West Nile virus, Q fever and tularemia but there is no infection. She has had also head CT scan and MRI but nothing found.

We would like to know is there in Hawaii some mosquito borne diseases we need to know and tested? Or is there some virus, bacteria or parasites which can cause symptoms like these?

In Maui we visited in rainforest where several mosquitoes or insects bit her on the head and legs. In the rainforest we also sloshed through creeks and pools with barefoot and my wife had a little wound or sore on her foot sole.

We would appreciate for any help or hint which can lead to solving my wife health problem.

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Hi,Please present your wife case to:Dr.Olavi Kajander,,Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology,University of Kuopio.
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Hi! If you have been to tropical kind of climate, then malaria, schistosomiasis, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, Brucellosis and other worms in stool should also be ruled out.
Hope this helps. Take care!

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Thank you for your response, but didn't find any way to contact Dr Olavi Kajander.
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Thank you for your response.

I think malaria is not found in Hawaii. Those other diseases I don't know. I have to find out.

Do you have any idea is there in Hawaii some mosquito borne diseases? Some virus, bacteria or parasites spread by mosquitoes or insects?

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