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UTI symptoms, no infection, occult blood in urine
I am a 51 year old female with a history of high blood pressure and sleep apnea.  For the last three months I have experienced increasingly severe loss of energy so that I can barely function.  I have also had no appetite and have lost weight and muscle.  I do not need to lose weight.  I have only mild sleep apnea and use a CPAP so I don't think that should be causing the lack of energy and loss of appetite.  My blood pressure has been out of control for the last three months with my medication being changed three times, and yesterday the dosage doubled.  My blood pressue was 160/110 at my doctor's appt. yesterday.  Last month I had what I thought was a UTI, pain upon urination, urgency, pain in my urinary tract, etc and the urinalysis results were no infection but blood in my urine.  About a week later I developed edema in both feet, ankles and lower legs.  About two years ago I had the same thing,  Symptoms of a UTI, blood in my urine, and a shortwhile later the edema in both legs.  At that time I had a cat scan that showed 3 small kidney stones but nothing was happening with them.  My doctor determined that the edema was caused by my blood pressure medication and changed the medicqtion.  This last time my doctor thought it was caused by a sun burn.  He is sending me to have a cat scan of my kidneys, bladder and urinary tract and a 24 hour urine analysis. Is it possible the fatigue, weight loss and out of control blood pressure are related to a kidney problem?  Has anyone had similar symptoms and are these the right tests to find that out?  I hope someone can respond to this.  Thank you
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