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Ulcerative Colitis
Dear Sir,
My Mrs. has recently diagnosed as ulcerative colitis on colonoscopy(Done for long loose mtion, anemia and weight loss) and biopsy. Now she is on MESACOL tablets.(%ASA). We are planning for IVF becasue of Infertility due to BL tubal block of my Mrs. I have some questions:
1. How long she has to continue the treatment(MESACOL)?
2. Will we go for IVF with continuing the medication of MESACOL(Mesalamine Hydrochloride)?
3. She well response to the medicine like her weight rise. Hemoglobin pc increased, loose motion subsides. Is there is any thing to doubt?
4. What type of diet she is to be given?
Please answer.

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Welcome to the forum!
The treatment duration with Mesacol varies from patient to patient since it is not a cure but a treatment for symptomatic relief. There is no medical cure for ulcerative colitis. Generally pregnancy is not attempted during this period of Mesacol treatment. The low iron etc will have to be increased by supplementation, including multivitamin supplementation. Dairy product will have to be limited. Your wife would need to maintain a stress diary to see which food items cause her more problems. Generally food items like alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks, beans, cabbage and broccoli, potato, raw fruit juices and fruits are known to be problem food items. She will have to take plenty of fluids and eat frequent small meals. She will have to experiment and see which fibers in diet cause harm and which are easily digested.
Agreed it is a tough situation. Stress relief by meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercise, etc should be tried as stress is known to increase the symptoms.
For IVF you will have to wait for a period of remission when she is relatively symptom free. It would be good if her IVF specialist and gastroenterologist work in unison.
Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
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