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Here goes. I am a 38 year old mom. For the past two years i've had a slew of odd symptoms....some recognized by my doctor, others just shrugged off. She chopped it all up to anxiety and stress and i've been on every anti anxiety pill out there. Currently on buproprion and trazadone as well as tricor and 800mg ibuprofen daily.I have had extreme vericose veins since i was 20. Had them removed twice with failed surgeries,....still have the veins. I have always had trouble with circulation. I have the legs of an eighty year old. I walk down the road and i'm beat and out of breath. No asthma they say, but most likely due to such poor circulation because of my legs. For the past two years every week, but not quite daily i have this odd presure in my neck and up. Just a feeling of heaviness almost. Minor headaches, not major ones. Now here is what really bugs me...the past 3 months something new, but becoming way too frequesnt for comfort. It started with sitting. Anytime i sat down, the pressure against my legs and butt was almost instant, like i had been sitting too long....so uncomfortable you cant stand it and go oh my god enough and you get up. Then it started at night. I'd lay in bed, and every wrinkle under my upper body, the pressure of laying against the mattress gives me this incredible uncomfortable feeling, i just have to keep moving. It goes on and on and takes me hours to fall asleep. It isnt painful, just feels so uncomfortable i have to keep tossing. I'm starting to look like a zombie from no sleep. Anyone suffer from this odd symptom?
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