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Undiagnosed with high CRP + ESR
Hi there, I am a 22 year old male from Sydney, Australia. I am university student and have a small business which is managed and operated by myself.

As for my health and medical stance, I have been battling with lower right abdominal pain which is very localised for approximately 18 months. I have seen 3 doctors and 2 specialists. I have had elevated CRP levels 118.5* on one occasion and 89.5* on another over the last 18 months. I have had an endoscopy/colonoscopy as on one of the two CT scans it was presumed that I had some sort of IBD, however endoscopy and colonoscopy biospies were negative. My CRP levels have never been in range and have always been around (15-35)-(89-118.5) in approximately 5-6 bloodtests. About two weeks ago I was having a lot of cramping and sharp pain on the lower right region of my abdomen. Enough to interfere with my lifestyle as an individual. I decided to find another doctor who ordered some general blood tests and conducted physical examination on my abdomen. He stated: "your abdomen seems very tender and there is a strong pulse in your affected area".

On my second visit to the new doctor the blood results were CRP: 89.5 - Rheumatoid factor:14 (0-14) - Stools sample: Abnormally soft/loose - Iron: 6 (10-30) - these were all abnormal, the rest of the blood work was all normal (within range). With the elevated CRP he stated that: "your CRP level is enough to accentuate that there is definitely something going on", so he referred me to another gastroenterologist for a second opinion and also prescribed me Salazopyrin. The medication did alleviate the cramping and painful tension in my abdomen.

In the past doctors have assumed these types of illnesses: FMF, Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Appendicitis, Hepatitis C and A, HIV, Liver Abnormalities, Kidney Abnormalities, IBS which were all inconclusive.

My question: Is there anything that is potentially simple but being overlooked by doctors?

All this started with a pain and severe abdominal cramping in the lower right region of my stomach which resulted in a visit to the hospital which was inconclusive.

Any ideas or thoughts are much appreciated. I can also post specific blood results, diet, lifestyle etc. I would like to thank any suggestions or responses in advance. Thanks.

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