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Unexplained sore leg muscles
I've been having sore muscles in my legs for the last few days, and they are worse today.  The soreness was initially primarily in my calf muscles, but has now also spread to the thighs.  The muscle pain is actually a little worse when I'm sitting than when I'm walking.  The soreness is also worse when I lie down, and it makes falling asleep hard (last night I took ibuprofen after being unable to fall asleep for a couple hours, and then was able to get to sleep).  I can't think of anything that I would have done to cause this.  If anyone has any suggestions of what this could be or what I should do about it, I would appreciate it.

Also, I've been having a sore right knee for the past few weeks (also with no obvious cause), but the knee started to feel somewhat better the same day the calf pain started.  I'm not sure if that could be related.  I also want to mention that I've had mild muscle twitching in various muscles throughout my body for about a year, but that hasn't been noticeably worse recently.  I also had a lot of unexplained symptoms about 3 or so years ago which included muscle pain, and was only diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, so I now take a vitamin D supplement daily (most of those symptoms have gone away . . . whether it was the vitamin D or I just got better, I don't know).  I just thought I would mention that in case it could be related.
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