Vaginal bleeding
by Jilly20, May 06, 2013
I recently finished (4 May) doctor prescribed antibiotics for a UTI and yeast infection.  My husband and I had sex while I was on the antibiotics unprotected (1 May)  (heat of the moment thing, unexcusable I know since there is a possibility the antibiotics make my bc pill less effective!).  After we realized our OOPS!, it was only the 1st night of the antibiotics so we thought we might be okay.  However, Today (6 May) after having sex we noticed some light bleeding. And I noticed it for sure when I wiped after urinating.  I have no pain when I urinate nor had any pain during sex.  I put a tampon in just to make sure it was indeed my blood.  Few hours later indeed there was some light bleeding.  But it is not a flow like a period.  I am about 10 days from the start of my actual period.  

Is this maybe still from the infection I had?  I thought waiting 2 days after finishing the antibiotics would be sufficient.  Is it possible that its implantation bleeding as a result of our "OOPS!" ?  I'm quite nervous.  
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by mandy876, May 30, 2013
you did not say your age.  I had a similar situation.  I went to my female doctor and he said that I was dry.   I told him it had never happened before.  he said I was to use a moisturizer before  sex.  I had a mascetomy before that and chemo.  I figured maybe that caused.  but the moisturizer worked.  talk to your doctor.  might not be anything serious. mandy876