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Vein Pain?
Are you able to feel "vein" pain? If you ask me I would tell you I can because for the past few weeks I have felt this "vein" pain. It started with a vein in my neck a few years ago. Every once in a while a sharp pain would should through my neck and into my jaw.

Now I have been have intense pains in my wrist and up my arms and it feels as thought my veins are going to burst. I'm young and health so there really isn't an explanation for this besides that this past August I started the birth control Ortho Evra and I have heard some bad information about the medicine. Could this make my "vein" pain worse.

Just wondering if it is really my veins or if it could just be nerves or muscles.

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Yes, birth control pills are known to cause ‘vein pain’ as you put it as a result of formation of clots or thrombophlebitis.
However in your case it appears more to be due to pinched cervical spinal nerve. This can happen due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. Use a hard bed to sleep. Avoid a pillow. Roll a towel and place it under your neck while sleeping. Initially this will be uncomfortable but with time the acupressure will do wonders. Use an analgesic cream or spray. Anti-inflammatory drugs help. A good physiotherapist or chiropractor can teach you some exercises which will help you a lot. If nothing helps then a MRI of the cervical spine may be required. Please consult a neurologist then.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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